Best Under Counter Ice Maker For The Money - Reviews 2019

Best Under Counter Ice Maker For The Money – Reviews 2019

The hot summer may be fast approaching, and you’ll need your bar/restaurant/office, etc. to be well equipped to provide those chilled refreshments all day.

The influx in ice demand may require you to store up bags of ice. This will not only reduce your freezer space but will increase the overall energy consumption.

Fortunately, you can use an under counter refrigerator to solve this problem as it creates huge amounts of ice to counter the increasing demands.

You should get the best under counter ice maker to achieve this. And I’m going to who you the 10 best units on the market below:

What's an Under Counter Ice Maker?

This appliance is designed to perfectly fit under your countertop similar to other kitchen appliances e.g. dishwasher and as such should not take much of your business space. 

The ice makers make use of either water or air cooled condensers and at a time create pounds of ice. The ice makers also produce a variety of ice size and shapes according to your preference.

If you are looking into purchasing a high capacity best under counter ice maker, then you should have a look at this compilation of the ten best under counter ice maker reviews.

10 Best Under Counter Ice Maker Reviews:

1. EdgeStar IB120SS Ice Maker, 12 lbs., Stainless Steel and Black Review:

If you are in need of an ice maker that is highly efficient and affordable, then you should get this EdgeStar IB120SS Ice Maker. This ice maker produces crescent-shaped ice cubes and has a black body with a stainless steel door that should suit any kitchen theme you might have.

This Ice maker is equipped with front venting minimizing storage space since you will not require leaving the extra 5 inches at the back as is custom with back venting appliances. This makes it suitable for freestanding and built-in installation. It is ADA height compliant making it usable to everyone.

This device comes with a 25 ft. quarter-inch water line connection ideal for the proper functioning of built-in units.

The reversible door enables you to access it with either left or right-hand swing. The appliance also comes with an ice scoop which is efficient in getting to the much-needed ice.

Installation of this ice maker should be easy and inexpensive, so you won’t have to worry about those expensive professional installment costs.

The on and off power switch and the Auto Shut-Off initialized when the ice bin is filled both enable you to save on energy costs when the ice maker is not in use and when no further production is needed.

If your production capacity is around 12 pounds a day, then this ice maker should be able to meet the daily ice demand of your business. The 6 lbs storage capacity in this ice maker will maintain the ice and as such no need for a permanent drain line is required. This two-in-one ice maker and freezer should be ideal for your business.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Front venting for built-in or freestanding installation
  • check
    ADA Height Compliant
  • check
    Easy, convenient, and inexpensive installation
  • check
    Auto shut-off when ice bin is full
  • check
    Produces up to 12 lbs of ice per day, Stores up to 6 pounds
  • check
    Operates as a freezer and no drain line required

2. Sunpentown IM-150US Stainless Steel Under Counter Ice Maker with Freezer Review:

If you are in need of an ice maker that produces about 12 lbs. of ice a day, then this Sunpentown IM-150US Stainless Steel Under Counter Ice Maker with Freezer should be perfect for you.

It has a removable refrigerator bin that stores about 6 lbs. of ice allowing the ice to be kept frozen during storage and as such no permanent drain line is required.

This ice maker's design incorporates a black cabinet with stainless steel door, for those keen on aesthetic value then this design should be able to blend with any theme you might have seamlessly.

Front venting makes it suitable for both free standing and real built-in installments which minimize storage space by eliminating the need for back allowance.

This appliance produces crescent-shaped ice that should suit your ice type requirements. The reversible door allows for either the left or right swing making it efficient for use from any preferred side.

Installation however, requires one to consult a licensed plumber and so remember to incorporate professional installation costs into your overall budget.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Stainless steel door with black cabinet
  • check
    For built-in or free standing application
  • check
    Makes up to 12 -pounds of ice daily
  • check
    Stores up to 6 -pounds of ice
  • check
    Reversible door

3. EdgeStar IB450SSP 50 lb. 15 Inch Wide Under counter Clear Ice Maker with Drain Pump Review:

If the storage space for your ideal ice maker is about 15 inches wide and you have a production need of about 50 pounds of ice per day, then you should get this EdgeStar IB450SSP 50 lb. 15 Inch Wide Under counter Clear Ice Maker.

This appliance produces the cubed ice type, and it also has an ice storage capacity of about 25lbs. It is well insulated. However, this storage doesn’t act as a freezer.

As such it requires a drain line hence the incorporation of an internal drain pump into its design that will enable adequate draining of the ice maker.

The ice, however, comes out in sheets and requires to be broken before use.

The door made of commercial grade stainless steel should blend in well with your surrounding cabinetry.

It is ideal for built-in installment due to its front venting feature, and this enables it to fit in flawlessly with any of your surrounding cabinetry. The well finished sides also allow it to be used while in a free standing installation too.

With the computerized controls, you can efficiently manage the conditions in the ice maker and the overall energy consumption. The reversible door that swings to the left or right and the adjustable leveling legs enable efficiency in the operation and use of this appliance.

A three step easy installation guideline is given however professional installment is highly recommended.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Up to 50 lbs. of ice production/day, 25 lbs. of ice storage
  • check
    Computerized controls
  • check
    For freestanding or built-in applications
  • check
    Produces restaurant quality clear, cubed ice
  • check
    Internal drain pump (Drain required)
  • check
    Ice comes out in sheets that are broken apart for use

4. Whynter MIM-14231SS 14'' Under counter Automatic Marine Ice Maker Review:

If you prefer crescent-shaped ice cube production while on the move on your RVs, boat or yacht, then you should take a look at this Whynter MIM-14231SS 14'' Under counter Automatic Marine Ice Maker.

This 16.2 x 14 x 24.5 inch (L x W x H) unit should be able to fit under your counter top comfortably.

This ice maker uses front venting and as such is ideal for built-in installation while it's well-polished sides also enable freestanding installation too. It comes with an ice bin and ice scoop that should make its use more convenient.

This ice maker is made using marine-grade segments that are UV and corrosion-resistant, all in a stainless heavy-duty and secure housing making it suitable for the unfriendly outdoor environment.

If your ice needs are about 23 lbs., this ice maker’s 23lb daily output should suffice. This ice maker can keep 12lbs of ice frozen, so there is no need for a drain installment.

The auto shut off is triggered when the ice bin is full, this enables energy conservation and as such reduction in overall power consumption and hence the costs. The reversible door allows versatility during use as it can swing to either the right or left.

The latch hook enables secure locking of the ice maker while you are on the move.

This ice maker makes 23 lbs. out of 3 gallons of water and also recycles melted ice into new ice, so you will not have to fret about the ice running out, making this ice maker perfect for those long days on the road or out at sea.

It boasts of a CFC-free compressor that promotes environmental conservation. This compressor operates at a high efficiency enabling efficient ice creation.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Front venting allowing Built-in or freestanding installation
  • check
    Makes 23 lbs. of crescent-shaped ice cubes in 24 hours, Stores up to 12 lbs
  • check
    Keeps ice frozen, no drain installation required
  • check
    Auto shut-off when ice bin is full
  • check
    High-efficiency CFC-free compressor with R134A Refrigerant
  • check
    Power consumption 120W; Rated current: 1.8A

5. Scotsman CU50GA-1A Under counter Ice Maker Review:

If you’re in need of an ice maker for commercial use, then this Scotsman CU50GA-1A Under counter Ice Maker should be ideal for your business. 

It is also well equipped for the outdoors making it both versatile and able to provide you with the needed service both when inside and outside.

If you prefer uniquely shaped ice cubes, this ice maker should suffice since it produces gourmet ice cubes. These cubes are also slow melting, very clear and odorless and this makes them ideal for drinks as it won’t affect the drink's flavor.

The control panel keeps you in the loop about the condition of the water in the ice maker. While the water quality sensors provide info on the general quality and this should lessen the frequency of cleaning.

Its dimensions (14.9" Width x 22" Diameter x 34.4" Height) make it suitable for storage under any standard counter or bar. This ice maker comes with a built-in drain pump that removes water from melted ice.

The built-in pump also provides versatility in its installation which ultimately reduces the installation cost.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Gravity Drain with Cord
  • check
    Control panel informs about water condition
  • check
    Approved for outdoor use
  • check
    Produces gourmet ice cubes
  • check
    Water quality sensor
  • check
    Built-in drain pump

6. Orien FS-55IM 44-Pound Built-In Under Counter Ice Maker Review:

An ice maker that can either be installed in either freestanding or built-in such as the Orien FS-55IM 44-Pound Built-In Under Counter Ice Maker should be an added advantage to your business.  This installation versatility is enabled by the front vent attribute of the appliance.

With dimensions of 23 x 14.6 x 33.5 inches (L x W x H) this appliance should be able to fit under a standard counter perfectly. And with a large production capacity of about 44 pounds per day and a storage capacity of 25 lbs., this ice maker should be more than able to meet those large ice cube demands in your establishment.

It produces clear ice that will not affect the flavor of drinks made. The stainless steel look should be able to blend with your cabinetry while the reversible door allows for the right of left door swing creating a versatility in use.

This appliance is Energy Star certified, this alongside its design being CFC free accentuates its credibility and efficiency in both energy and environmental conservation. The UL approved machine makes it perfectly conditioned for your indoor usage.

An inline filter should be used to enable removal of minerals present in the water and thus aid in the production of clean tasting ice cubes. This ice makers setup requires the use of a gravity drain, and if one isn’t available in its installed area, then a condensate pump should be able to pump water to the allocated drain site e.g. sink etc.

This unit is solely set up to use a gravity drain  If you do not have a gravity drain near the premises, you will need to buy a condensate pump to pump the water into a drain or up into a sink.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    UL approved for home/commercial use
  • check
    Air-cooled condenser
  • check
    Automatic overflow protection
  • check
    CFC –Free
  • check
    Energy Star Certification
  • check
    44 pounds of clear ice per day, 25-pound storage capacity

7. Della Stainless Steel Commercial Ice Maker Under counter Freestanding Machine Review:

Are you in need of a mid-sized high production capacity an ice maker for your bar, hotel, store, etc. or even your home? Then you should check out the Della Stainless Steel Commercial Ice Maker Under counter Freestanding Machine.

This machine has a high production capacity of 100 lbs. per day, this is very remarkable and should meet the high-frequency need of bullet ice cube in your establishment. The well-insulated storage bin is incorporated into its design and can allow you to store up to 35 lbs. of ice cubes.

You can call this an Ice Fast machine due to its highly efficient operational capacity able to create ready to use bullet ice cubes in just 6 minutes!

Its elegant finishing and stainless steel finish enhances its suitability for freestanding installation. The stainless steel also enhances durability of the unit.

The controls are easy to operate and enable you to manage operation times in the ice maker properly. The automatic indicator alerts you when the water level has become too low and needs a top up, when the ice bucket gets full or when the unit needs to be cleaned.

This units needs to be installed by a certified professional and this is important to ensure its optimized operations.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    100 lbs. bullet ice in 24 hours, Well-insulated integrated storage bin holds 35 lbs. of ice
  • check
    NSF and UL approved for commercial use
  • check
    Ice Fast
  • check
    Water level and Full Ice bucket indicator
  • check
    Certifications: ETL, CSA, UL
  • check
    Warranty 30 Day Money Back

8. EdgeStar IB450SS 45 Lb. 15 Inch Wide Under counter Clear Ice Review:

Businesses having an ice cube demand of about 45 lbs. should look into purchasing this EdgeStar IB450SS 45 Lb. 15 Inch Wide Under counter Clear Ice Maker.

This unit will provide you with clear and fresh tasting cubed ice which comes out in sheets that will need to be broken for use.

The appliance can store up to 25 lbs. of ice but despite being well insulated the ice maker will not act as a freezer. It is also recommended that an AquaPure In-Line Icemaker Ice and Water Filter (AP717) should be installed to accentuate the clean ice cube taste and to also enhance performance and longevity of the device.

It is designed using commercial grade stainless steel for the door which makes it very durable and robust. Its overall design is ideal to fit in with any kitchen or bar theme you might have. The computerized controls aid in managing the conditions in you ice maker and lets you shut in on or off when not in use.

The adjustable leveling legs alongside the reversible door enable comfortability in use since they allow the unit to be kept level and also accessing it with either left or right door swing respectively.

The units drain line functions only by gravity, and as such, you should make sure your ideal storage space has a drain In its vicinity otherwise you may be forced to buy and fit a condensate pump to direct the melted water to the available drain.

Be sure to hire a certified professional to do the installation so as to guarantee perfect installment since this highly affects the appliance’s operations.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Up to 45 lbs. of ice production/day, 25 lbs. of ice storage though not a freezer
  • check
    Computerized controls
  • check
    For freestanding or built-in applications
  • check
    Reversible door, adjustable leveling legs
  • check
    Gravity drain only
  • check
    Cubed Ice comes out in sheets

9. Vinotemp VT-IMSW Under-Counter Ice Maker, Stainless/Black Review:

The Vinotemp VT-IMSW is a stainless steel and black elegantly crafted under counter ice maker that should fit in flawlessly with your existing theme.

The 19.5 x 25.5 x 17 inches (Lx W x H) should be able to fit under any standard bar or countertop allowing for easy access during business operations.

This front venting machine allows for a built-in, recessed or freestanding installation and this storage versatility is one that you may need in any unit.

The ice maker has a production capacity of about 12 lbs. per day and also acts as a freezer and stores this same amount of ice. It possesses a self-contained ice maker that comes with automatic overfill prevention, this feature prevents any wastage and thus reduction in costs in the long run.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Beautiful under-counter ice maker
  • check
    Recessed, built-in or freestanding installation
  • check
    Self-contained ice maker with automatic overfill prevention
  • check
    Produces up to 12 lbs. of ice per day and provides storage until needed
  • check
    Ice maker includes ice storage bin and plastic scoop

10. AGA Marvel 30iMT-BS-F-R-P Under Counter Ice Machine 15-Inch Review:

As we conclude our under counter ice maker reviews, we look at the AGA Marvel 30iMT-BS-F-R-P Under Counter Ice Machine. This 15-inch wide unit should be able to fit under your standard counter or any cabinet area.

However,  a filler kit is available for fittings in larger openings to extend the width up to 18 inches.

Its design incorporates the right hinge stainless steel door and black cabinet that blend with your envisioned working space theme.

The production capacity of this ice maker is 30 lbs. per day and this capacity should be adequate to meet your business’s needs. It produces high quality clear gourmet ice that should meet the quality standards and will not affect the flavor of drinks made.

This unit is able to double up as a freezer and store up to 30lbs of ice enabling you to save on energy costs and storage space when ice is not in use while also having it at hand when the need arises.

With a height adjustment of up to one inch and equipped with leveling legs, this unit has been made to promote comfort during use. The modifications to make this unit less noisy and the provision of a large rigid ice scoop and stainless steel ice cutter also accentuate the comfortability and ease in its use.

The unit is created using microprocessor tech that delivers high efficiency and makes this a low-maintenance condenser design. However, with this design, you will require to install it in a space where the drain is lower than the unit.

Highlighted features:

  • check
    Gourmet ice cubes up to 30 lbs.
  • check
    Height adjustment up to 1" with leveling legs
  • check
    Equipped with Cleaning Mode
  • check
    Stainless steel ice cutter and large rigid ice scoop
  • check
    Microprocessor technology
  • check
    Filler kit available to install into 18" wide opening

What To Look For Before Getting One?

Installation location

The under counter ice maker, unlike other units, allows you to install it in a number of convenient zones- inside or outside your home

If you plan to place it inside your house, then make sure you have the available space in mind before purchasing the fridge so as to order the perfect size to fit your space.

If you prefer it outside, maybe in your patio, then be sure to get an ice maker made for the outdoors. That is, they’re more durable, weatherproof, and the ice cools at all times and through varied climates.

Ice type

Ice makers produce a vast array of ice shapes and sizes.

Before purchasing the ice maker make sure it creates the ice type suited for your preference. These varied shapes and sizes include; cube ice, nugget ice etc.

However, if you’re not particular about ice shape, then any ice maker should do.

Ice Production Rate

This aspect is key in determining if your preferred model will meet your demands.

Confirm that the production rate is ideal, should be better if it creates a little bit more than you can use at a time so as to avoid needing further ice supplementary appliances.

This rate depicts how much ice is produced within 24 hours in a certain ideal environment. This ideal environ is usually one within 70 degrees Fahrenheit, has proper ventilation and the machine being perfectly installed.

Storage spaces not within these specification will experience lower production rates than those stated.

Ice Maker Storage Capacity

This feature lets you know how much freezer storage area you will have and hence how much ice the machine can hold in a time.

In establishments with occasional need of ice then a high storage capacity is ideal, however in establishments with frequent ice needs then a high production rate ice maker will be ideal.

Ice Maker Design

If you have a preference as to how your under counter should look then this is a determinant feature.

Most under counter ice makers are black or stainless steel however some come in a variety of colors that should blend perfectly well with where you install them.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Star certified ice maker appliances (usually for commercial purposes) should be perfect for you if you are an environmental savvy individual or want to prevent a drastic increase of your electrical bill.

An ice maker should have ideal energy efficiency to create and store the ice you need and not more so as to cut energy costs which may be spent creating ice you won’t use. This should be a starting point as you pick out your ice maker.


Warranties give credibility to the production efficiency and durability that the brand has advertised. You should check this especially when buying a model you haven’t used before.

ADA Compliance

Ice maker appliances that are compliant to the design guidelines American with Disabilities Act are ideal in promotion of a fair, ideal and efficient working environ.

Water Filter Accessory

This is an additional feature present in some ice makers. The water filter aids in removal of contaminants present in the water before the ice is created. This ensures production of fresh and clean tasting ice cubes. It can be added into models that don’t have water filters.

Frequently Asked Questions About Under Counter Ice Makers

1. Does my built in Ice makers require a water line?

Absolutely! A water line is needed for all built-in ice maker units.

2. Do I have to get a certified professional to install my under counter ice maker?

It is highly recommended that you seek a professional to install your ice maker if you’ve no prior installation experience.

However, some do not find it difficult to follow the easy installation guidelines in the manual and do it themselves in the simple steps outlined below:

  • Connect the water line
  • Run drain line from back of the ice maker
  • Plug it in
  • You’re ready to roll!

3. Is there a variety in the type/shape of ice the machine will produce?

Each ice maker unit has one type of ice cube it produces. These types/shapes include gourmet, crescent, cube, clear and pearl ice.

4. Is a water filter necessary for my ice maker?

A water filter is not crucial for your ice maker’s functions however it is highly recommended that you install one so as to improve quality of the taste ice cubes made and also lessen its cleaning frequency, prolong operational capacity and longevity of your unit.

5. Is a drain also necessary for all ice makers?

A considerable number of ice maker’s models i.e. EdgeStar don’t need a drain line. These units are able to function as freezers and keep the ice frozen even after its production hence no need for a drain line. If your ice maker doesn’t have a feature to double up as a drain line then you will definitely need a drain and most are delivered with it.

6. What is the maintenance required for an ice maker?

All ice makers come with cleaning instructions outline in the owner’s manual. In general the steps include:

  • Unplug unit from power source
  • Remove any ice present inside
  • Remove parts that may have been in contact with the ice
  • Properly wash and disinfect those parts using the ice machine cleaner
  • Rinse with warm water
  • Air dry the parts
  • Reassemble machine
  • Wipe down the exposed area once again
  • Air dry
  • Restart the ice maker
  • Always remember to dispose of the initial ice batch made after this cleaning procedure.

Final Verdict

Ice is heaven sent for those hot days and for making those chilled refreshments your customers or office mates have gotten accustomed to.  If your freezer doesn’t seem to meet your increasing ice demands, then save your freezer space and energy costs by getting one of these best under counter ice makers.

Make sure that the specifications highlighted in this buying guide meet your ice needs before you order or purchase any model. With these in mind you should be able to put a stop to those ice runs and find the best under counter ice maker for your business.

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