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Best French Door Counter Depth Refrigerators – Reviews 2019

While the bigger fridge models come with larger storage spaces, they might not be the best choice for the many homeowners with limited spaces in their kitchen.Gladly, this issue has been solved by the introduction of counter-depth fridges into the market. These come with more streamlined looks; are space efficient; have better performance/efficiency; some can […]

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Best 48 Inch Refrigerators On The Market – Reviews 2018

Refrigerators have become a must have in the modern kitchens. The advantages that come with this appliance, mostly being the savings made by extending the shelf life of various perishables, makes it a cost-beneficial investment for you.Over the years we have seen the refrigeration tech become more advanced and diversified.At present there is a large […]

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Best Garage Refrigerator – Reviews Of Compact Freezers

So you desperately need to set up the best garage refrigerator aka best garage freezer in your garage?Great idea!BUT…how exactly should your ideal garage fridge/freezer look like?I got the picture:The model should be rugged, durable, space-efficient, capable of operating in the extreme temperature conditions of your garage, and above all- it should perfectly blend with […]

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At What Temperature Should My Beer Fridge Be?

What’s cooler than owning a beer fridge? If you don’t own one, please get one. I will tell you why in this article.I will also tell you at what temperature you should maintain your beer fridge once you purchase it.Why You Need a Beer Fridge?You should always store beer in a cool place where direct […]

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