Igloo ICE103

Igloo ICE103

The Ice Maker that keeps on giving

A great party would never be complete without a quick, compact ice maker like the Igloo ICE103. This stainless steel ice machine can hold up to 2.2lbs or 1kg of cubes and produce as much as 26lbs or 11.7kgs in just 24 hours. It has a portable design that makes it easy to use and perfect for summer outdoor parties. Its ice making technology allows you to choose between three different sizes of ice cubes: small, medium and large. It runs on 120W and a cooling compressor that delivers newly, fresh batches of ice every 6 minutes.

Igloo ICE103 main features

What better way to break the ice during a house party than by refreshing everyoneís drinks with crisp, cool ice cubes? The Igloo ICE103 delivers an invigorating boost to any social gathering with its quick ice making technology. You merely have to plug it in, add the necessary amount of water and select the desired size of cubes. From our experience, you can refill 2-4 drinks in less than 10 minutes and almost 15 cocktails in under one hour.
The Igloo ICE103 has a stylish design and a relatively small size for a countertop ice maker. Its cuboid form, typical of most ice machines is refined with sleek edges and curved corners. Weighing in at 25 pounds (when empty) and measuring 14*12*15 inches, the ICE103 makes for an ideal kitchen appliance or a portable appliance that you can bring along to family outings.

How ICE103 rates against previous Igloo ice makers

The people at Igloo have seriously outdone their engineering efforts with the ICE103 countertop ice machine when you compare it to previous models, such as the ICE102. Here are just a few of the new stand-out features:
Increased storage capacity from 1.5lbs to 2.2lbs
An additional ice cube size to choose from
Reduced production time for new ice batches

Where Igloo ICE103 fails to impress

Despite its lavish design and quick ice making process, the Igloo ICE103 still has some areas that need improvement. First off, it lacks an ice cooler where you could keep the excess cubes fresh and crisp. This means that every extra cube you make and donít use will melt and add to the rest of the wasted water in the tray.
Another downside of owning an ICE103 may appear when you decide to take it with you to a picnic or to your neighborís backyard barbecue. This Igloo countertop ice maker weighs 25 pounds (roughly 11 kg), which will prove to be a bit heavy especially during lengthy walks.


2.2lbs (1kg) oversized ice bucket
3 Ice cube sizes
6-minute wait for one batch
26lbs of ice per day
Stainless steel
Simple to use
Easy to store


No ice cooler
A bit heavy

Conclusion about Igloo ICE103

In the end, the Igloo ICE103 countertop ice makes a reliable and efficient machine for anyone who wants to have large quantities of crisp, size-varying cubes on demand. Its simple design and high efficiency make it easy to use even for first-time ice machine buyers. If you rarely carry it around and you donít mind cleaning the excess melted water, then this is the right ice maker for you.

  • Updated April 4, 2018
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Helen Carroll - July 2, 2018

I please need an instruction manual for the Igloo ICE 103. I have misplaced mine and my machine isn’t working.


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