At What Temperature Should My Beer Fridge Be?

At What Temperature Should My Beer Fridge Be?

What’s cooler than owning a beer fridge? If you don't own one, please get one. I will tell you why in this article.

I will also tell you at what temperature you should maintain your beer fridge once you purchase it.

Why You Need a Beer Fridge?

You should always store beer in a cool place where direct sunlight or heat cannot access it. Most beers favor a cold storage temperature between 500F and 550F

If you are a beer enthusiast like me, you know that you should store each beer at a particular temperature.

If you own a refrigerator which you have stocked with food, you can’t put beer in that fridge. Why? You see, food in the fridge should be kept at temperatures below 400F, maybe lower. Otherwise, bacteria which can give you food poisoning will infest the food.

And that’s the problem. Beer should never be served at temperatures below 420F. The best temperatures for most beers begin in the mid-forties range. So if you want to take a beer from the fridge and drink it immediately, you can’t put it in a regular fridge.

You will have to get a refrigerator which you dedicate solely to beer.

What the Wrong Temperature Can Do to Your Beer?

When you set the fridge at too cold temperatures, the beer will lose its flavor. When temperatures are low, carbonation is slower, and therefore the beer is less aromatic.

However, don’t think that there is one particular temperature that fits all beers. Different beers require different temperatures.

Storing beer at a temperature above the ideal level can shorten its lifespan. So if you want your beer to last longer, do some research on what’s the best temperature for the beer in your fridge.

And when temperatures are too low, the beer will get a chill haze – that is, it gets cloudy.

Once you set the temperature in the fridge, remember to keep it constant. So you might consider getting yourself a refrigerator thermometer which you can use to regularly check if the temperatures in your refrigerator are accurate, or if they have changed.

Different Beer Types and Their Appropriate Temperatures

1. Lager

If you are stocking your beer fridge with lagers, you should set the fridge temperature at between 420F and 480F. Note that the temperature at which you store the beer is also the ideal one for serving.

So you can take out the lager, and pour it into glasses for you and your friends, and drink immediately. The taste of the lager will be intact.

2. Ales

If you are an ale man, the ideal range is between 440F and 520F. Ales require a slightly warmer temperature than lagers. But if you are stocking both in your fridge, you should store it at between 420F and 480F.

3. Stouts

The best temperature for stout beers is approximately 550F.

4. Other beers

Beers which have high alcohol content like barley wines, dark ales, and triples should be stored at temperatures between 550F and 600F.

Beers which have mid-range alcohol content like bitters, Iambics, IPAs, stouts and doppelbocks should be kept at temperatures between 500F and 550F.

And beers which have the least alcohol content like lagers, wheat beers, pilsners, milds, and low-cals should be stored at temperatures between 450F and 500F.


You should get a beer fridge if you regularly stock large quantities of beer. As we have established, beer and food require different storage temperatures. Remember also to find out the ideal storage temperature for the specific beer you are storing.


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