Benefits Of Using A Water Softener In Your Home

Benefits Of Using A Water Softener In Your Home

Most recent geographical surveys have shown that most water used in the US, around 80%, is somewhat hard water and is used in the day to day activities.

Hard water contains a lot of minerals that prove to be harmful to the everyday usage. These include magnesium and calcium among other metal ions.

Water softening provides a solution to this since it removes the metals, making water much easier to work with.

A variety of units can be installed in your home, acting as water softening appliance for all or some water outlets in your residence.

You can choose to install either the shower head water softener or the whole house water softener appliance.

Before you decide on which particular build would better suit you, let’s look at the benefits of using a water softener in your home.

Use of less cleaning product (saves soap and detergents)

When using hard water, you will require a lot of cleaning products i.e. bathing, washing soap or shampoo so as to achieve a lather. Most of the time this isn’t even a healthy lather/foam.

Once you install a water softening appliance for your home the product used to achieve a lather will be far less than it was before.

Healthy skin and hair

The use of hard water causes the drying of both your skin and hair. Sodium and calcium minerals cause chaffing and peeling of skin.

While using hard water to shower, scum is produced, and this may clog your skin pores which at times leads to skin conditions such as eczema and acne.

The use of more products may aggravate these conditions too.

Softened water leaves your skin, hair, and nails feeling fresh, smoother, supple and healthier.

Use of less hair and skin moisturization products

As mentioned above, softened water leaves your skin and hair feeling less dry and as such less product is needed to achieve adequate moisturization.

Major saves on product costs

A water softener reduces the amount of cleaning and oiling products used in your home. As such you will make massive savings by purchasing less or by reducing the frequency of product purchases.

Increases the longevity of your home appliances

Home appliances using water in their operations may have reduced longevity if exposed to hard water. These salts may cause degradation of parts of the device.

Take an example of a water heater, continuous heating of hard water creates a coating around the heating coils that with time eats at the coils metal which then becomes unusable.

Using water softeners reduces the susceptibility of your appliances to these harsh conditions hence enhances their functionality and durability.

Save on energy costs

Installing water softeners aids in the reduction of energy costs incurred by most appliances in your home.

Hard water degrades most heating parts in appliances and as such these units will require more energy to deliver the same amount of output e.g. boiling water.

Studies have shown that appliances protected by water softeners usually save up to 30% off on their annual energy costs.

Reduces plumbing corrosion and clogging

If you have been consequently replacing your pipes due to massive leaks caused by corrosion, then you can consider installing a water softening system.

The salts present in the water usually work on most metallic pipes causing them to rust and corrode. This is mostly seen in heating systems.

The salts also cause clogging up of piping systems resulting in reduced water pressures in our home.

Instead of changing your whole water piping system into less reactive materials e.g., plastic, you can consider installing a water softener.

 Achieve more shine

For individuals mostly concerned about the shine of their silverware, mirrors, tiles, etc., a water softener helps you achieve that perfect shine.

The use of hard water for the everyday cleaning of these items causes them to slowly but continuously fade and lose shine due to the effect of the minerals.

The use of soft water instead maintains the shine giving you a more aesthetical feel.

Fabric softening and durability

The use of hard water on your fabric leaves these minerals stuck in your fabrics. This causes them to also become hard and fade.

If you notice most of your white and colorful items starting to achieve a more dull and gray look, then you can definitely try to install a water softener.

Use of soft water on your clothes helps in attaining cleaner items that have no mineral entrapments in the fabric and as such maintain those whites and bright colors as they were.

Reduces shower scale

If you are continuously battling with the grimy hard-to-remove scale on your shower or bathtub walls, then consider getting a water softener system.

Scum is a by-product of the soaps interaction with hard water. Once it settles on the sides of your bath area, it becomes hard, difficult to remove and makes your bathroom appear gross!

If you want your shower easily spotless, then install a water softening system. It will permanently reduce the amount of scale making your bathroom cleaner and more presentable.

Eliminate dentine issues

Studies have shown that the use of hard water, especially for drinking, corrodes teeth making them more susceptible to tooth decay and the like.

The metal salts present in the water eat away the protective tooth enamel making teeth more prone to dentine issues and also to appear brown.

The use of softened water should encourage both whiter and healthier dental environ.

Final Word

Water softeners come in a variety of models and designs. Before purchasing any unit make sure that it will sufficiently meet your needs. Make sure to check its functionality and how much service it will give you with regards to home water use.

The devices are somewhat costly. However, once you factor in the advantages that the water softener will provide for your home, then it will definitely be a cost-beneficial investment.

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Amanda Drew - September 20, 2017

Recently, I’ve noticed that there’s a lot of mineral buildup on my shower heads and faucets. I don’t really like it. What I do like is that you say that you can save 30% on your energy costs by using a water softener. That’s something I can get behind, so I’ll have to get one to save money and get rid of that buildup.


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