10 Best Commercial Ice Machines Of 2019: Reviews by Expert

10 Best Commercial Ice Machines Of 2019: Reviews by Expert

So your restaurant, bar, kiosk, or coffee shop has been receiving high demands for ice lately, but you can’t meet them? Don’t panic. Invest in the best commercial ice machine on the market right now, and let it generate all the ice your clients are always demanding.

And I tell you, if you’re going to meet the demands, you’ll experience more profits in your establishment.

“But where do I get the best, most convenient model given all the varieties saturating the market right now?”

Are you wondering already?

Relax and allow me to take you through the TEN top-rated models that will shower your restaurant with more quality ice than your clients need…

Top Best commercial Ice Machine Picks:

1. Manitowoc NEO UR-0140A Air Cooled 129 Lb Regular Cube Undercounter Ice Machine Review:

Opening our list of the commercial ice maker reviews is the Manitowoc NEO UR-0140A. Though this is a relatively smaller machine, it can produce lots of your ice for your business- as much as 129 pounds of regular cubed ice a day. As with any other commercial ice machine, the model has been designed for placement on the counter top. This explains why its ventilation section has been placed in front.

About the appearance, the machine comes with a modern design that perfectly fits most of the contemporary kitchens.

Thus, you can use it as a free-standing application. What’s more, it features the elegance stainless steel finish that makes your restaurant, bar, kitchen, etc. look beautiful. This pleasing machine is completely air cooled and can generate up to 124lbs of ice in under 2 hours!

You can also customize the size of ice cubes you wish the machine to create- from regular to large sizes. The overall size of this device is 28 x 26 x 38.5 inches so that it will consume less space in any setting. You’ll want to consider its width- 26 inches- if you to build it in a cabinet.

Another thing you need to note about this machine is that in spite of its legs which come installed on it, you can quickly detach them if you want the device to fit in smaller spaces.

It comes with a fully insulated storage bin, meaning the ice stored in it can last for hours before it starts melting. And when the melting starts, the machine drains all the water as detected by the sensor and automatically starts creating fresh ice to replace the melted one.

This not only means that you’ll never lack ice at any one time, but it also ensures water conservation.

Highlighted Features:​

  • 90lb bin size
  • Undercounter Ice Machine Manufactured by Manitowoc
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Self-contained condenser
  • Overall unit weight: 153 pounds

2. SPT IM-600US Stainless Steel Under-Counter Ice Maker Review:

The SPT IM-600US Stainless Steel Under-Counter Ice Maker comes with such a great-looking exterior that drives all the folks looking for the great commercial ice machine crazy.

It features a produce black cabin and a stainless steel door that ill blend well with your décor. Furthermore, it features a reversible door with full-length handle for easy access. The overall unit design features the durable stainless steel metal for the ultimate longevity.

This commercial ice maker isn’t just an eye-catching machine. It can produce up to 50 lbs of restaurant-quality, crystal clear ice cubes on any given day. On top of that, it comes with a removable ice bucket that can hold as much as 25lbs of generated ice.

The fact that the bin is removable makes it easy to transfer the ready ice and create room for production of more ice cubes. The machine has a height of 32.8 inches, allowing you to install it under your counter. And if you don’t wish to use it under your counter, you can install it as a freestanding application.

Using this machine has been made entirely comfortable, thanks to the easy-to-use digital controls. There’s also an auto shut-off feature that puts off the unit when the ice tray gets full- adding to the convenience of use of the machine.

You’ll need to feed it with filtered water if you wish to increase its longevity. This is because such water helps remove limescale buildups, in addition to improving the odor and taste of your ice cubes.

Highlighted Features:​

  • Easy-to-use computerized controls
  • Generates ice cubes measuring 0.75 x 0.75 x 1 inch
  • Generates crystal-clear, gourmet ice cubes
  • Unit measures 14.6W x 23.6D x 32.8H inches and weighs 84lbs
  • Auto shut-off when ice bin gets full-generates up to 50 lbs of ice daily
  • The storage bin can hold up to 25 lbs of ice
  • Stainless steel door with front exhaust fan and black cabinet
  • Use filtered water for the best results

3. Manitowoc NEO UY-0190A Air-Cooled 193 Lb Half Dice Cube Undercounter Ice Machine Review:

If you want a machine that produces higher amounts of ice than the one we’ve reviewed above, the Manitowoc NEO UY-0190A would be a great deal. The device also comes from Manitowoc and shares a full range of features with the above model, including size, bin capacity, water recycle system, weight, and so much more.

However, there are a couple of things that differentiates this model from the previous one. One such aspect the amount of weight it’s capable of producing in a given day. At 193 lbs of ice production in less than 24 hours, this is the ultimate commercial ice machine you need for your busy business.

The device also produces the ice faster than the previous model. Installing the device is completely easy and will take less than an hour; the only serious task involves plumbing it in. After which, you’ll plug it into a standard electric outlet and let the ice cubes flow.

This model fits the definition of a small commercial ice maker as it measures 28 x 26 x 38.5 inches. It also weighs 153 pounds. It comes with a 90lbs high-capacity ice storage bin.

Since this bin is fully insulated, it will hold lots of the generated ice for hours without melting, if you don’t wish to use all of it at once.

The machine melts also melts also converts all the remaining ice to water and reuses it to supply you with fresh ice- promoting water conservation.

Highlighted Features:​

  • Air-cooled condenser
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Detachable legs for easy placement
  • Overall product weight- 153 pounds
  • 90lb ice storage bin

4. Maxx Ice MIM250 Self Contained Ice Maker:

Maxx Ice ranks among the top commercial undercounter ice maker manufacturers, and their logo alone is enough evidence that all their units will give you an exceptional performance. The Maxx Ice MIM250, in particular, is enough proof of the above statement.

It comes with a sturdy steel construction to serve you for longer periods of time. It’s capable of producing a whopping 250lbs daily. This is more than enough ice to supply the demands of a wide variety of business.

With the air cooled condenser integrated into the system, you’ll get quality and faster ice production!

One of the device’s most pleasing features is the automatic cleaning cycle. Needless to explain, this makes the unit incredibly convenient for you as you won’t have to worry about thoroughly cleaning it after every use.

Another spectacular feature is the adjustable legs; you can easily extend them from 4.7 inches to around 7 inches. This makes the unit highly suitable for use as a free-standing application as well as a built-in solution.

It’s great to note that the machine measures 24 x 24 x 29 inches and weighs around 144 pounds. It’s also capable of generating slab ice cubes. The ice maker comes fully UL and NSF listed- making it an ideal pick for commercial use.

Highlighted Features:​

  • Delivers up to 250lbs of ice per day!
  • Air cooled condenser
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Automatic cleaning cycle
  • Easy operation and maintenance

5. Manitowoc ID-0502A_B-570 530 Lb Air-Cooled Full Cube Ice Machine Review:

This particular unit from, also from Manitowoc, can produce an immense 530 lbs of fresh, quality ice in a day (or 24 hours to be exact). This is made possible by the integrated air-cooling system that enables the unit to generate ice at extremely high rates; the production is rated 70 degrees F Air and 50 degrees F water.

The machine produces ice cubes in cubic shapes and can deliver an ice cube as little as the size of a dice.

The device comes with plenty of features that makes ice production for your commercial setting more convenient. One such feature is the super high-capacity ice bin that can accommodate up to 430lbs of ice.

So, if you produce large amounts of ice and don’t wish to consume all of it at one time, the bin will hold it for you. Because it comes fully insulate, the bin will even keep your ice for longer hours without melting.

Combine the ultra-high ice production capacity and storage container, and you get the real ice maker for supplying ice for the monumental occasion such as weddings, large parties, and so much more. With this model installed in your kitchen, you’re not going to run out of ice anytime soon.

The device also features a stainless steel exterior, rendering it highly durable- this contributes to its longevity as well as sturdier construction. It runs on the 115V and can be powered by the standard electric outlet. At the same time, it comes with a 3-year labor and parts warranty, plus five years on compressor.

Highlighted Features:​

  • Air-cooled condenser
  • Full cube cycle-30 inches wide
  • 530lbs ice production per day
  • Stainless steel finish
  • 430 pounds ice storage bin included

6. Manitowoc Storage Ice Bin 430lbs Review:

So you have a lot of ice that you want to store but don’t know how? Consider the problem solved! This Storage Ice Bin has been specially designed to act as the ultimate solution to your ice storage needs.

With the exact dimensions: 50"H x 30"W x 34"D, this machine is compact enough to fit most of the place you set it in. But it's also big sufficient to holds tons of ice safely and hygienically.

The 430 lbs ice bucket clearly explains the large amounts the bin will store for you. Additionally, the machine comes with a sturdy stainless steel design that enables it to hold the large quantities of ice above without breaking down. The installation process of this device is a breeze.

If you’re experiencing a constant demand for ice throughout the day, consider ordering this product today. You’ll just need to fill it up with ice in slow periods and keep it as your backup during the peak times. This makes it fit more in commercial applications.

Highlighted Features:​

  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Available in black and silver finishes
  • Weighs 122 pounds
  • NSF, ISO, CEE, 9001:2008, AHRI, AutoQuotes listed
  • 430 pounds ice storage

7. Scotsman CU0715MA-1A CU0715 Essential Ice Cube Style Ice Machine:

The 7th position of our commercial ice machine reviews goes to the Scotsman CU0715MA-1A CU0715. Made in the USA, this unit is a high-quality model that features a beautiful design for perfectly complementing your décor.

The appliance has an above average in the sense that it can generate up to 58 pounds of ice cubes per day. This is just the right ice production capacity for your office or commercial venue that receives little traffic.

Other than the above average ice production, the unit comes with a 36 pounds ice storage bucket for holding all the ice produced. And being an insulated bin, it will keep the ice for longer hours before it starts melting. Something else that makes this appliance widely recognize is its compact design.

Because of this, you can place it in smaller kitchens or kiosks without occupying a lot of space. You’ll agree with me that the width of this machine- 15 inches only- is quite hard for other commercial machines.

The device employs a unique evaporator technology technique, enabling it to give you solid ice cubes that are crystal-clear (and not murky as with other machines out there).

It incorporates a slide-back door that allows you to easily access it and get out your ready ice cubes. With its intuitive control panel, you can make easy adjustments. Plus the unit comes with an air condenser that translates to improved efficiency.

Highlighted Features:​

  • Cube-style ice machine
  • 58lbs daily ice production
  • Compact design
  • Ideal for your bar, kiosk, church kitchen, and even homes

8. Manitowoc Ice Storage Bin, 210 lbs:

If you still want to store smaller amounts of ice safely and for longer periods of time without, this is the right model for you.

It comes with a similar design to our 6th product. The main difference between the two ice bins lies in the amounts of ice they can produce. While the previous model holds immensely larger amounts-430 lbs- this model will contain smaller amounts- 210 lbs.

Like the other storage bin, this machine also comes with an internal ice scoop holder that stays above the ice.

This ensures ease of access as well as better sanitation practices. The device features a stay-open design which keeps the bin door out of the way, adding to the ease to access to your stored ice.

The fact that the entire machine is designed using the highly durable stainless metal enables it to withstands the massive tons of ice for longer periods of time.

Highlighted Features:​

  • Dimensions: 38.0”H x 22.0”W x 34.0”D
  • Ice scoop holder for easy access
  • 210 lbs ice storage capacity
  • Sturdy stainless steel construction
  • Stay-open door design for convenient ice access
  • NSF, ISO, CEE, 9001:2008, AHRI, AutoQuotes listed

9. SPT IM-440C 44 lb Automatic Ice Maker:

The SPT IM-440C 44 lb Automatic Ice Maker lets you enjoy the benefits of the best commercial ice maker even when on a budget. The freestanding appliance is completely easy to install in your office, kiosk, restaurant, etc., and can produce up to 44 lbs of bullet shape ice cubes in 24 hours. Moreover, it can store up to 9 lbs of the ice it generates.

The first thing that makes this device a darling for many is its full stainless steel housing. This not only gives the machine a great look, but it also enables it to last for longer periods of time.

However, if you want this machine to last for many, many years to come, the manufacturers advises you to use filtered/purified water (this also helps improve the taste and odor of the ice cubes).

Distilled water or reverse osmosis also works great. And if you don’t use this water, then you’ll need to clean the ice maker regularly- using critic acid- to prevent the buildup of minerals that might end up affecting its performance and longevity.

The ice maker comes with an insulated storage bin those stores up to 9 pounds of ice for long hours without getting melted.

The unit has an energy saving aspect in that it automatically shuts off when the sensor detects the ice bin is full. All the ice that starts melting after sitting in the ice tray for a long time gets back into the system where it’s reused to make fresh ice- so no ice goes to waste!

The machine works with the standard 110-120V outlet and consumes way less amount of power (rated 4.14A, 180 Watts). It weighs 60 pounds and measures 13.5W x 20.5D x 23.88H inches.

Highlighted Features:​

  • Freestanding application-generates up to 44lbs of ice a day
  • Stores around 9lbs at a time
  • Auto shut-off feature when the ice bucket gets full
  • Produces the first batch of bullet shape ice cubes within 18 minutes
  • Sturdy stainless steel housing

10. New Ice-O-Matic 238lb/24 Commercial Half Cube Ice Maker Machine:

If you want to enjoy the convenience that comes with the best small commercial ice maker while getting large amounts of ice per day, then the New Ice-O-Matic is your perfect match. Despite being one of the smallest models on the market right now, this machine is capable of producing loads of ice on a daily basis.

To be specific, it delivers a whopping 238 lbs in only 24 hours. Clearly, this is a lot of ice that will meet your ice demands- no matter how huge they are.

The device is specially designed for installation under your counter, so you’ll have no difficulties fixing it into place. Something you’ll like about this machine is the way it produces ice in classical cubes shape. Another pretty amazing feature is the self-contained condenser that promotes further convenience.

Though this device comes with a modern design, I’d advise you to us it as a built-in; this would be more appropriate with its front venting system. The unit is incredibly energy saving as it utilizes 11.9 amps only and connects to 115V electric outlet. The fact that it's certified by Energy Star is enough evidence of its power consumption efficiency.

This unit measures 26.3 x 24.5 x 39 inches- a compact size. Additionally, it weighs 160 pounds only. It’s the perfect machine for supplying your small restaurant with sufficient ice, even in the busiest operation hours. The high ice production per (and per hour) makes it the ideal choice for commercial use.

Highlighted Features:​

  • Air Cooled 220lbs under counter ice machine
  • Measures 26.3 x 24.5 x 39 inches
  • Weighs 160 pounds
  • Makes 238 lbs of ice in 24 hours

What Should You Look For Before Buying The Best Commercial Ice Maker?

Finding the excellent commercial ice maker to purchase is not a cut and dried process. The first thing you should do is evaluate your operating environment, and determine what kind of ice maker you need, and what you need it to do.

So what factors should you consider before choosing your new ice maker?

Type of ice maker

There are two main types of ice makers: modular and self-contained ice makers. The difference is that self-contained ice makers can both produce and store ice. So if you are on a tight budget, it might be the right ice maker for you.

They are also convenient if your daily ice requirements are low – for instance if you have a small business or for home use.

Modular ice makers, on the other hand, will cost you more since the storage unit does not come with the ice maker. You will have to buy a separate storage bin or dispenser. If you have a big business which needs a significant daily ice yield, this is the effective commercial ice maker for you. For instance, if you run a hotel.

Type of ice

You may not realize this, but ice comes in different shapes and sizes, depending on the ice maker. They include:

Full cube ice

Full cube ice is ideal for hotel dispensers, carbonated beverages, banquet services, cocktails, and bagged ice. It measures 7/8 inches on all sides of its cube shape. A lot of people prefer this ice type because it’s the one they are most familiar with.

Plus it’s ideal for beverages. Its large surface area and its slow melting rate enable it to keep your drink cold for an extended period of time. That’s why it’s so good for whiskey and other cocktails.

Half cube ice

Half cube ice has a cuboid shape. It measures 7/8 inches in the length and width, and 3/8 inches in its height. It has one advantage over full cube ice: because of its smaller surface area, you can pack more of it into a glass than you can with full cube ice.

That means you give your customers a higher ice-to-beverage ratio, which will keep them coming back, driving profits higher.

Plus the ice breaks down more quickly than full cubes, which creates a smooth finish, making it perfect for blended drinks. It’s also ideal for smoothies, iced coffee, soft drinks, and mixed drinks.

Nugget ice

If you like your ice soft and chewy, look for an ice maker that makes nugget ice. It also happens to be a customer favorite because of its versatility and slow melting rate.

Plus it cools drinks speedily thanks to its high liquid displacement – which enables you to make more drinks, meaning higher profits. The slow melting rate of nugget ice enhances its ability to retain the flavor and color of a drink.

It’s perfect for smoothies, blended drinks, fountain, drinks and salad bars. Many health care facilities also use it for patient drinks.

However, don’t purchase a nugget ice maker for your restaurant – its fast cooling rate will water down alcoholic beverages too fast.

Flake ice

Flake ice is small, with soft pieces which contain a 73% ice to water ratio. The softness makes flake ice ideal for packing around products which you want to keep fresh or protect from bruising.

Flake ice is prevalent in the seafood business because of its ability to keep seafood cold and safe to eat.

That’s because flake ice is excellent at maintaining food hydration, which enables seafood, produce, and meat displays to have longer shelf lives (and maintain that fresh appearance which attracts customers).

You should consider purchasing a flake ice maker as well if you are in the bakery, catering, or health care businesses.

Type of condenser

The kind of condenser an ice maker has also plays a role in determining if it’s the best ice maker for you. There are three types: air-cooled, water-cooled, or remote-cooled.

Air-cooled condenser

As the name suggests, air-cooled ice makers use air moved by vents and fans over to the condenser to draw heat from the refrigeration lines. The main advantage of air-cooled condensers is that they use less water than water-cooled condensers.

So if you are an environmentalist or just someone who wants to keep down the utility bill, you should buy an air-cooled ice maker.

Plus they are less expensive than other condensers and easy to install. However, they can be rather noisy as they make the ice.

Water-cooled condenser

Water-cooled ice makers use a water line running along the condenser to remove heat from the refrigeration lines.

As mentioned earlier, they bring up the utility bill for water; however, to compensate, they reduce the electricity bill, since they use less power than air-cooled ice makers. And they are quieter.

Remote-cooled condenser

These are found in air-cooled ice makers, where the condensing unit and the machine are placed in different rooms, and the refrigerant piped to the ice maker with copper tubing.

This is the perfect ice maker for you if you want to buy an air-cooled machine, but want to get the noisy condenser out of the way.

Size and capacity of the ice maker

Once you have figured out what type of ice maker is the best for you, next you ought to know how much ice you need. If you require a higher ice yield daily, you should choose a large ice maker with a large storage bin, so you can make and store as much ice as you need. That also means that you should choose a modular ice maker over the self-contained one.

If your ice production needs are relatively small, consider purchasing either a countertop or an under counter self-contained ice maker. They are also perfect if you don’t have enough room/space for a larger machine.

Speed of ice production

This factor may make or break your business. If you are in the kind of enterprise that needs a constant supply of ice (like a restaurant or a bar), you will need a fast ice maker to adequately cater for all your customers.

Note also that ice production speed may vary with the temperatures of your environment. If you live in a hot location, ice production speed will be slow, meaning you should buy a fast ice maker.

Final Verdict

So, these are the ten effective commercial ice machine reviews. If you own a popular commercial venue such as restaurant, coffee shop, bar, etc., it’s apparent that you’ll need to buy the right commercial ice machine. This device will help you generate lots of ice to meet the high demand for the same.

The added benefit of using these machines is that they’re power efficient, space efficient, easy to operate, and capable of producing significant amounts of energy faster.

Feel free to compare the 10 top best commercial ice machines above and when you’ve identified your favorite, go ahead and place an order to start producing large-scale, quality ice for your reputable establishment.

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James Wooten - May 12, 2018

The ice maker is for my home use. Smaller capacity is fine. But I am concerned about noise. Do you have any info about which ones are quiet? The two smallest capacity models above are of most interest.

Also, can one adjust the temperature at which the ice is stored?


    Steven A. Spano - May 14, 2018

    Hi James,
    After researching I found that Manitowoc UY-0310A Manitowoc NEO Series 30 is the one to go if you want to have no issues with the noise. One quote from a customer review:

    The loudest noise is when the ice drops into an EMPTY bin

    The best part is that you can even leave it outside the house if you have a small garden.


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