Best Garage Refrigerator – Reviews Of Compact Freezers

Best Garage Refrigerator – Reviews Of Compact Freezers

So you desperately need to set up the best garage refrigerator aka best garage freezer in your garage?

Great idea!

BUT…how exactly should your ideal garage fridge/freezer look like?

I got the picture:

The model should be rugged, durable, space-efficient, capable of operating in the extreme temperature conditions of your garage, and above all- it should perfectly blend with your garage surroundings (I mean, it should look almost similar to the toolboxes and other items around).

“Where would I get such a garage fridge?!” You’re probably burning with this question this right now.

And I have the answer…

I spent the better of part of the last two weeks researching on refrigerators that match the above description. Luckily, I got 10 of them and I’m really excited to deliver them to you below.

FIRST, allow me to teach you a few things about the garage fridges I’m about to introduce to you (I’ll try to be brief so we can get to the top 10 list in no time)

How is a Garage Refrigerator Different From a Regular One?

I’ve witnessed a handful of folks invest in the regular refrigerator for their garage, thinking that it will just work well in the garage. Recently a good friend of mine moved his new kitchen fridge to his garage to enjoy the convenience of cold drinks in his workspace.

A wrong move I say!

I don’t know if you’ve been making this mistake as well.

But the fact is, a garage refrigerator has huge differences compared to your household refrigerator…it comes designed with your garage environment in mind.

And these are some of the key ways in which it differs from the regular models:

  • It can withstand extreme cold or hot conditions. Unlike the fridge in your home (which enjoys working in an already climate controlled area), the garage fridge needs to work extra hard to maintain the temperatures inside given the conditions in your unheated, uninsulated garage tend to fluctuate all the times
  • It comes with a rugged, highly durable exterior which enables to easily withstand all the potential tears and wears in your garage, just like your toolbox…they’re also impact and scratch resistant. Most of them also feature a completely sealed bottom which prevents the debris lying around your garage from getting sucked in.
  • It’s also interesting to note that a good number of them with four casters which make them easy to move from one area to another. Besides, this makes it easy to clean the buildup behind your fridge without much effort

And now to the 10 best garage refrigerato​r reviews:

10 Best Garage Refrigerator Reviews:

1. Midea WHS-160RSS1 Compact Single Reversible Door Refrigerator and Freezer Review:

To understand what difference the Midea WHS-160RSS1 Compact Refrigerator and Freezer will bring into your garage, let’s take a look at the manufacturer. Midea has been on the market since 1968 and enjoys high reputation for it high-quality, reliable, efficient appliances that have changed millions of lives the world over.

You can, therefore, trust the WHS-160RSS1 Compact Refrigerator to deliver a temperature controlled environment for your favorite whiskey/drink in your garage. It comes with a total capacity of 4.4 cubic feet to meet your garage storage needs; you’ll enjoy a can dispenser plus a 2-liter bottle storage for your soda needs.

On top of this, it features a half-width chiller compartment where you can store frozen items. Plus a see-through crisper where you can store your favorite fruits.

With this unit, you don’t have to worry about your foods/fruits/drinks getting ruined; the temperature control dial- with up to 6 settings- lets you take total control of the unit by easily adjusting how cold you want the interior to feel.

If you’re short of space in your garage, this is the fridge for you. It comes with such a compact, streamlined design (19.72*21.26*33.86 inch) to occupy as less space as possible. And its overall look? I’ve to agree, someone did a fantastic job! It’ll perfectly complement the style and setting of your garage!

Even more amazing, the unit saves you a lot of energy, so it won’t compromise your power bills. It cools faster, evenly, and with no warm spots.

Clearly, the Midea WHS-160RSS1 Compact Refrigerator has everything you ever wished for in a fridge for your garage!

​Highlighted Features:

  • Mechanical control with adjustable thermostat
  • Adjustable legs
  • Reversible door
  • Energy saving garage fridge
  • Low noise operation
  • Separate chiller compartment
  • Dimensions: 19.7 W x 21.3 D x 33.9 H Inches
  • Full 1-year warranty plus 2-year compressor warranty

2. Danby DUFM085A2WDD1 Upright Freezer:

If you’re looking for a garage freezer with higher storage capacity than the previous model, say hello to the Danby DUFM085A2WDD1 Upright Freezer. It offers you as much as 8.5 cu. ft. storage space for people who wish to store more foods and drinks in their garage. Even with the increased storage, the unit remains highly efficient and reliable.

As you hold the integrated door handle and push it smoothly to open the fridge (btw it features a reversible door hinge for both left/right opening), you’ll love how captivating the interior looks.

You’ll witness four integrated door storage bins plus up to 3 quick freeze shelves. All these makes it incredibly easy to organize your foods and drinks inside the fridge!

Operating this fridge is probably the easiest task. It comes with a precise, easy to program mechanical thermostat that’s pretty easy to play around with. Besides, it features a manual defrosting system for added convenience.

The highly durable model boasts of a scratch-resistant worktop where you can place your extra work accessories without fear or worry.

Because it bears the Energy Star rating, it means that it will keep your energy bills as low as possible while giving you the most reliable services year after year.

Thanks to the 18-months warranty on both parts and labor, you can now have some piece of mind as you operate this fantastic unit in your garage.

​Highlighted Features:

  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Easy to adjust temperature
  • 8.5 cu.ft. Interior capacity
  • Energy Star compliant
  • Integrated Door Shelving
  • Reversible Door Hinge
  • Three quick freeze shelves

3. Igloo FR329-Red Garage Fridge Tool Box:

Hey! How about getting a garage refrigerator that comes with four caster wheels? Doubtlessly, that would make things more fun and exciting. This is what the Igloo FR329-Red Garage Fridge Tool Box is made of.

You can effortlessly and smoothly move your favorite drinks, foods and fruits around your garage. And when you find that favorite spot for your fridge, you an easily lock down the wheels to prevent further movements. This is what I call the ultimate flexibility/mobility!

The first thing you’ll notice even before the caster wheels is the unique, eye-grabbing fridge appearance. It comes with a toolbox design that so perfectly blends with your garage toolboxes and other items, that a stranger in your garage won’t easily locate it.

Taking a trip inside the fridge…it features a storage capacity of 3.2 cu ft. This is just the right space you’d ask from a mini fridge like this one. It’s enough to hold enough snacks, beers, and other refreshing beers you’d want to keep within reach while working in your garage.

I also love the crisper inside the fridge where you can conveniently keep your favorite veggies and fruits for longer periods of time.

This is one of the few fridges that enjoy using a powerful compressor to keep your drinks cool- all with extremely low energy consumption rates.

The Igloo FR329-Red Garage Fridge Tool Box would also make the perfect gift for your dad or the handy man close to you.

​Highlighted Features:

  • Toolbox fridge with a storage capacity of 3.2 Cu Ft
  • Four caster wheels promotes ultimate mobility
  • Crisper, drip tray and a door can dispenser included
  • The perfect way to keep your drinks cold in your garage
  • Great looks that perfectly blend with your tools

4. Gladiator GARF19XXYK Chillerator Garage Refrigerator Review:

Whirlpool, the manufacturer of this product, strongly believes that every garage deserves a special place for storing cold beverages and other foods. With this belief, the company set off to introduce one badass garage refrigerator in their Gladiator line and they name it the Gladiator GARF19XXYK Chillerator Garage Refrigerator that looks right at home as you stand it next to your toolboxes in the garage.

It offers you an overwhelming storage space of up to 19 cubic feet! No other fridge on this lost as such an insane cooling area, which shows how unique this model is. It also features a fixed plus 3 adjustable door bins for organized storage of your foods and drinks…not to forgetting the utility bin and can caddy.

Besides its incredibly durable stainless steel door with diamond finish (for total scratch resistant), what makes this unit stand from the rest is that it comes with four oversized rubber wheels. Just like your toolbox! This makes incredibly easy to move the fridge around your garage. Plus cleaning it all around becomes easier!

This unit is also amazingly energy efficient. It meets the Energy Star standards, so it won’t escalate your energy bills.

But note that this unit comes with a slightly bigger size, so you should make sure it’ll fit in your garage before buying it.

​Highlighted Features:

  • Energy Star compliant
  • Specially designed to stand up to the extreme hot and cold garage environment
  • Locking casters for easy repositioning and better stability
  • 1 fixed and 3 adjustable door bins
  • Utility bin and can caddy included
  • Measures: 29.5-Inch by 73-Inch by 33.9-Inch

5. Midea WHS-258C1 Single Door Chest Freezer:

If looking for the best garage freezer, then the Midea WHS-258C1 single door chest freezer would make an excellent choice. It’s a compact but surprisingly roomy model (with up to 7 Cu. Ft. space).

Ideal for garages with limited space, this unit comes engineered with advanced coil technology which reliably keeps your favorite drinks, foods, etc. frozen- without refreezing and thwarting cases present in other freezers out there.

Inside the fridge, you’ll find a removable inner basket for organized storage, as well as a bottom drain that eases defrosting.

Besides using it as a freezer, you can also use it as a side table for your garage, where you place your drinks and foods on its top. The compact and lightweight design makes it incredibly easy to move it around your garage.

Since it comes with a recessed handle, accessing your stored drinks and foods becomes easy and fast. Add this to the fact that the interior is exceptionally easy to clean and you got a user-friendly freezer for your garage.

​Highlighted Features:

  • Mechanical control with adjustable thermostat
  • Comes with 1 hanging wore storage basket
  • Hinge-style door opens at angles between 45 and 70
  • Dimensions: 33.46" L x 37.2" W x 20.59" H
  • Full 1 year warranty plus 2-year compressor warranty

6. Danby DAR044A5BSLDD Compact All Refrigerator:

At position six, we have Danby’s elegant-looking and compact fridge designed to fulfil your garage food storage needs. It comes packed with loads of remarkable features, making it a convenient pick for you.

In terms of storage, the unit offers you about 4.4 cu.ft. of cooling space and storage capacity. Open the reversible door by pushing the integrated door handle in either right/left side, to access this storage space. It comes designed for easy organization to of your foods/drinks- with 2 full shelves (for maximum storage versatility), 1 half shelf 9for additional items), and a crisp drawer plus plenty of shelf space for all your favorite snacks.

I doubt if you can utilize all that space.

Thanks to the integrated state-of-the-art mechanical thermostat and Energy Star Rating, this is the unit to keep your energy bills in check.

Cleaning and maintaining the unit has also been made simple, with the spotless steel finish and automatic defrost system.

Just like the other Danby we reviewed earlier, this model also features a scratchproof worktop where you can place your additional work accessories. It also comes with 18months warranty on parts and labor gives you a peace of mind as you use this unit in your garage.

​Highlighted Features:

  • 4.4 cu.ft. interior capacity
  • Energy Star compliant
  • Two full-width and one half-width adjustable shelves
  • Integrated door shelving with tall bottle storage
  • Dimensions: 21.1 x 20.7 x 33.1 inches
  • Mechanical thermostat with 32-50 degrees F temperature range
  • Scratch-resistant workshop
  • External drip tray included at the back of the unit

7. IGLOO 3.5 Cubic Foot Chest Freezer:

For those who are still looking for the best garage freezer, I’ll recommend you to consider the RCA-IGLOO 3.5 Cubic Foot Chest Freezer. Straight from the esteemed Igloo, this freezer has been design for folks who need more freezer storage in their garages than their current fridges allow.

It provides you with a total storage space/freezing area of 3.5 cubic foot. You’ll agree with me that this is a decent size that will hold more than enough bottles of your favorite drinks, frozen veggies, ice cream, and other foods to save the day. Although if you want to make ice, I recommend using a portable ice maker.

With the integrated adjustable thermostat, it becomes incredibly easy to set this unit to keep your drinks fresh for days, regardless of the geographical location of your fridge.

Since it comes with a frost drain, cleaning and maintaining it becomes really easy.

​Highlighted Features:

  • 3.5 cu ft. Top loading chest freezer
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Defrost drain allows easy cleaning
  • Shelf for easy organization
  • Power supply: 115V-60Hz

8. Whynter CUF-110B Energy Star 1.1 Cubic Feet Upright Freezer with Lock:

As our list of the top ten garage ready refrigerator reviews draws to an end, allow me to introduce you to the Whynter CUF-110B Energy Star 1.1 Cubic Feet Upright Freezer. It’s proudly manufactured by Whynter, a household name for high-end, high-performance appliances.

It’s a space saving unit, with an extremely compact size (measures 20.5” W x 18.5” D x 20.5” H). It features a flush back which allows it to cleanly fit into corners or against the wall, further enhancing its space-saving aspect.

With a slightly smaller capacity of 1.1 cu. ft., the upright freezer is ideal for people who not only have a smaller garage, but also do not have too many items to cool. Inside the freezer lays one removable shelf for convenient storage of your drinks.

Because it comes with a cylindrical lock with 2 keys, you can simply lock in the contents if you don’t want anyone to access them when you’re not near.

The freestanding model features the Energy Star rating, so it does not consume much energy as the other appliances you’ve sued before.

The 1-year manufacturer warranty means this is a risk-free investment for your garage.

​Highlighted Features:

  • Black reversible swing door
  • Black cabinet with lock
  • Recessed handle for a flush finish
  • Mechanical temperature control
  • 1 removable flat side out wire shelf
  • Freestanding design

9. Avanti RA7316PST 2-Door Apartment Size Refrigerator:

If you’re looking for a fridge that will add some touch of elegance to your garage, the Avanti RA7316PST 2-Door Apartment Size Refrigerator will work the trick. It features a gorgeous black cabinet plus platinum finish doors that blend perfectly well with your garage surroundings.

This Avanti is more than just good looks. It lets you store and refrigerate everything you wish with its enormous storage space of up to 7.4 cubic feet. Things become even easier with its unique storage system…it includes removable/adjustable glass shelves, removable/adjustable door bins, see-through crisper, door rack that can hold taller bottles, and an ice tray- all meant to make the overall food/drinks organization and access easy and quick.

As an Energy Start rated unit, it employs a full range temperature control to keep your drinks cold while consuming less amount of energy than most of its rivals out there.

It features an interior light that lets you easily access drinks even at night. And just like other models we’ve featured in this post, it comes with a reversible door for convenient access.

​Highlighted Features:

  • Net capacity: 7.4 Cu. Ft.
  • Energy star rated
  • Interior light
  • Full range temperature control
  • Leveling legs
  • ADA compliant
  • Unit dimensions: 55.75" H x 21.75" W x 23.5" D

10. Whynter FM-65G 65-Quart Portable Refrigerator/Freezer Review:

Closing our list of the best garage refrigerator reviews, we have another Whynter product- the FM-65G 65-Quart Portable Refrigerator/Freezer. It’s among the select upright freezers that enjoys wide usage all over states due to its premium quality and innovative design to reliably and convenient meet your freezing/refrigerating needs.

This Whynter comes with a crazy capacity of 65-quart; an equivalent of 107 cans of your favorite beer or beverage…enough stock for almost a month, isn’t it? Don’t forget that inside the storage are two removable wire baskets for easy organization.

To keep your foods and drinks cool, the unit employs a powerful compressor cooling and the smart Fast Freezing mode that rapidly cools down your drinks to -8 degrees F. It’s also important to note that you can easily adjust the temperature for each of the unit’s compartments between -6 and 50 degrees F. And thanks to the LED temperature display, making these adjustments is straightforward and fun.

Being a highly portable and lightweight model, you can easily move it to any corner of your garage. Just make sure a standard 100V outlet or 120V power outlet is near for smooth unit operation.

​Highlighted Features:

  • Storage: 65 Quarts or 107 Cans
  • Works as a fridge/freezer
  • Fast Freeze mode for quickly cooling to-8 degrees F
  • LED temperature display
  • 8ft. AC power cable, 5ft. DC cable and two removable wire baskets included

What To Look For Before Getting The Best Garage Freezer?

Whether you plan to replace an old garage fridge or want to install one for the first time, let the following buying guide you into the best deals (best refrigerator for garage) on the market today…


Just like the garage toolboxes, make sure you invest in a durable garage fridge. This is a good measure to ensure that your new invest won’t sustain potential damages, tears and wears that occur in other items around your workspace.

Pay attention to the fridge/freezer finish as well; make sure it’s scratchproof.

It’s not a surprise that nearly all the units we’ve just reviewed above come with stainless steel construction and finishes.

A durable fridge lasts and serves you for a lifetime.

Energy Efficient

The main reason why you’re buying that best refrigerator for garage is because you want to enjoy taking cold drinks from the comfort of your garage- not to increase your energy bill.

Therefore, make sure you look for an energy efficient unit that will consume as less energy as possible while conveniently and reliability meeting your needs.


This has something to do with your garage space. If you’ve limited space, you’ve got to look for a more compact model that does not occupy too much workspace. But if you’ve a bigger garage space, then size becomes a non-issue.


After size, consider the storage capacity of the fridge you want to buy. This should also be based on your personal storage needs.

How much drinks would you consume in a day? How many people are working in your garage? How many visitors show up in your workshop on any given day?

Let these questions guide you into getting the right fridge with the right storage capacity for your garage.


A refrigerator is an electrical appliance, and just like any other appliance, it’s bound to fail at any time (even on the first day you buy it).

But you don’t want this to happen to your newly purchased fridge and leave you without a choice.

Look for brands that offer you warranty (one year and above) on their product. Warranty not only gives you a peace of mind but also shows you that the owner has total confidence in their product.

Final Verdict

Relax buddy. Time to enjoying working around your garage has come. You no longer have to move out of your garage and walk 2 floors to look for your favorite cold drink to tame your thirst. You don’t have to ruin your foods and drinks anymore with your current garage fridge.

I figured out the reason you’ve been having issues with your garage refrigerator is that you made a wrong choice when making a purchase.

That’s why I charged in to save you the misery by helping you find the best garage fridge- one specially designed for your garage.

Trust me; if you move to 4-5 garages in your area, you’ll find one of the ten fridges we’ve just discussed above, serving their owner with cold drinks and fresh foods.

So, why don’t you have one in your garage too?

They’re all fairly priced to meet your budget needs.

Yours is just an order that order and get your garage ready refrigerator that will serve you reliably, for many years to come.

I know you’ll come back to say Thank you.

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Mike Vivenzio - October 28, 2017

I just checked out the Avanti Installation guide an it says to install in a space that is warmer than 60 degrees and cooler than 90. That does not seem like a garage refrigerator to me. Have things changed since this review?

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