5 Best Ice Fishing Line – Reviews Of The Top Ones

5 Best Ice Fishing Line – Reviews Of The Top Ones

As human beings, we seem to have an innate desire to make the best of any situation, to enjoy ourselves, even when the conditions do not encourage enjoyment.

Case in point: ice fishing.

The popular image of fishing is a group of guys standing on the shore of a lake on a pleasant, sunny afternoon. Ice fishing upturns this romantic perception. The weather is beastly, and the lake is covered by a solid rock of ice. You walk on it, stop somewhere, drill a hole in the ice, and let down your fishing line.

But not all fishing lines can handle these freezing temperatures. And so I have prepared five reviews of the best ice fishing lines on the market.

But first, a definition…

What is an Ice Fishing Line?

As the name suggests, an ice fishing line is a fishing line used for ice fishing. Ice fishing is where you catch fish while using lines you insert into an opening you have made on the ice while standing on a frozen water body.

A good ice fishing line must take into consideration the unique conditions presented by freezing water.

For instance, a good ice fishing line should have as little memory as possible. Memory is when your fishing line is on the spool and begins to develop curls.

Consequently, the line starts to have tangles and snarls. And casting the line becomes difficult.

Every fishing line is bound to have some amount of memory, even when it’s new – it comes on a spool, and so already has some memory from that.

The problem begins when you start using the line, particularly in cold temperatures. The freezing water causes your fishing line to develop tight curls.

You will note from reading the reviews I have prepared that the best ice fishing lines have low memory. That’s what makes them most suitable for ice fishing.

On days when the water is clear and calm, it is not easy to catch fish. That’s because your fishing line is easily visible and, naturally, the fish become wary.

That’s where invisible ice fishing lines come in. Such lines are usually coated with fluorocarbon which has the same refractive index as water.

These lines are almost invisible to the fish, and the ice fishers have an easier time catching fish than they normally would on clear water.

The Best Ice Fishing Line Reviews:

1. Berkley Trilene Micro Ice Fishing Line Review

Berkley Trilene Micro Ice Fishing Line

Sometimes fish get finicky, especially in clear water. In such cases, try as you may, you just can’t get a fish to bite the bait; it’s as if they are willfully keeping their mouths closed.

When the waters are clear, fish become wary, especially when it's calm and the sun is out.

Here is the good news. This Berkley micro ice fishing line is designed to catch finicky fish in clear water.

It will also give you a better hookset. You will have more control of your jig thanks to its low-stretch design. The less stretch the line has, the tauter it will get as you set the hook into your fish. You will notice a drastic drop in the numbers of fish you lose.

When the stretch is as low as what you get with this fishing line, there is a sensitivity you just don’t get with most lines. You begin to feel your mastery over the line.

You have better control of your lure, and you can make faster hooksets. Your skill as an angler increases rapidly. See our ice fishing rod case reviews too.

And if you like ice fishing, this is certainly the fishing line for you; especially if you prefer monofilament lines to multi-filament lines.

The line is also robust: with excellent strength per diameter. It will withstand the force exerted on it when you are setting a hook.

​Highlighted Features:

  • Low-stretch design gives solid hooks and better jig control
  • Outstanding strength per diameter
  • Designed for finicky fish in clear water
  • Thin, strong monofilament

2. Sufix Ice Magic Fishing Line Review

Sufix Ice Magic Fishing Line

If you have ever gone ice fishing, you are aware of how difficult it can be to cast the line after it has been in the freezing water for a while.

And when temperatures fall to extremely low levels, it becomes impossible to cast the line because the reel has frozen. And then you go back home, your day ruined.

But with this Sufix fishing line, this is not an issue. You can fish in all types of weather. The line remains manageable even when the water gets icy. As the temperatures drop, the line maintains its strength.

You will also be pleased to learn that this fishing line repels water. It will not lose any of its strength due to an extended period of immersion in water.

​Highlighted Features:

  • All-temperature line
  • Maintains strength in freezing water
  • Repels water

3. Berkley Fireline Micro Ice Fused Original Fishing Line Review

 Berkley Fireline Micro Ice Fused Original Fishing Line

This is the second Berkley fishing line review in this article. Like the previous one, it is also a monofilament with all the advantages of monofilament fishing lines.

It is strong and thin. It can handle the pressure of a big fish. I am talking about big fish like Lake Trout, like pike, like the walleye; big fish that can fill both your hands, wiggling almost out of your grasp. This line is sturdy enough handle that big fish.

At the same time, the line is small enough for you to go micro fly fishing with it. So don’t worry and think it can only catch bigger fish. It will serve you well for catching micro fly fish as well.

And it is supple. A good ice fishing line should be flexible. The coldest weather won’t daunt it.

The line has little memory. When a line sits on a spool, it begins to develop curls. Result? You can’t cast the line as far as you would when it’s normal.

And the line gets tangles and snarls. All these will affect the quality of your fishing experience. Since this line has low memory, it is always straight and ready to cast when you remove it from the spool.

​Highlighted Features:

  • Strong and slender
  • Small enough to handle tiniest micro fly fish
  • Supple enough to handle the coldest temperatures

4. P-Line Floroice Clear Fishing Line Review

P-Line Floroice Clear Fishing Line

If you are looking for something that the fish can’t easily spot, this P-Line fishing line is just the thing. In fact, it is virtually invisible.

It has been noted that fish are extremely reticent on days when the water is calm and clear, and the sun is bright.

On such days, one can fish endlessly without catching anything. But with this P-Line, you have an edge since the line is virtually invisible. But how does it achieve this?

Well, the fishing line is coated with fluorocarbon. It has a substance known as Floroice. This is a combination of a copolymer with a silicon fluorocarbon coating. The blend is unique and helps the line resist freezing.

So when you cast it into the super cold water, it will remain limp. That’s why you should include this P-Line in your list of favorite ice fishing lines.

Lesser lines can’t handle cold water. Subject them to the icy conditions of freezing water, and they become brittle. They can’t give you good service after that.

It becomes impossible to cast your line. But with this P-Line, you can continue having fun fishing even in freezing temperatures.

How strong your knot is can determine whether who wins the battle – you or the fish. If you are a seasoned fisher (or even a beginner), I am pretty sure this has happened to you – losing a fish because of the weakness of your knot.

Perhaps there was a break somewhere, or it came untied.

Sometimes people have a bad experience fishing and blame their dismal performance on the fishing line, but it’s the knot that is at fault.

It’s necessary to practice tying a good knot. This fishing line will give you exceptional knot strength – the rest is up to you. Learn how to tie proper knots.

​Highlighted Features:

  • Fluorocarbon coated
  • Virtually invisible
  • Superior knot strength
  • Two 8-lb tests

5. Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon Ice Line Review

Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon Ice Line

Like the P-Line fishing line, this Berkley Trilene fishing line also contains fluorocarbon. So you know it’s a good line to take with you when you go ice fishing.

It has a low-stretch formula, which makes the line super sensitive. Tug it a little, and it moves - an instantaneous reaction.

So when you are setting a hook in a fish, you have an advantage. Performing a hookset becomes much easier, as you gain mastery and control over the line.

The Berkley line has a thin diameter. As a result, you have better lure control.

The Fluorocarbon is virtually invisible. When the water is clear and calm, fish can spot your line more easily. Naturally, they grow wary, and don’t bite any bait.

This can be frustrating, especially if you had been planning for this fishing trip for weeks.

The fluorocarbon makes the line invisible to the fish, so you tend to have better luck, even in clear water. Fluorocarbon is seemingly invisible because it has a similar refractive index as water.

Plus, the fishing line has low memory. So when you remove it from the spool, it will be straight as not tangled. Therefore, you won’t have any problems trying to disentangle it.

As a result, you can cast the line with relative ease. This places the line a notch above other fishing lines. It’s easy to manage and handle.

​Highlighted Features:

  • Has fluorocarbon: invisibility
  • Low stretch
  • Thin diameter
  • Lower memory

Final Verdict

These five fishing lines are the best of their kind. If you have been looking for aa reliable ice fishing line, don’t look elsewhere. Each is designed to perform admirably in freezing water and catch you as many fish as possible.

  • Updated December 19, 2017
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