Best Ice Fishing Rod Case for All Types of Fishermen

Best Ice Fishing Rod Case for All Types of Fishermen

Where do you keep your ice fishing rods? Do you wrap them in a piece of cloth? Or perhaps you just lay them down on the ground or on a table or drawer unprotected?

Don’t do that. Please.

Rather, put them in an ice fishing rod case; like a pro.

Not only are cases useful for storage, but they also enable you to transport your rods comfortably. Plus, they protect the rods from the elements.

In this post, you’ll discover the 5 best ice fishing rod cases that will make your life easier!

Our Top 5 Best Ice Fishing Rod Case Picks:

1. MTM Ice Fishing Rod Box (model no. IFB-1)

How many ice fishing rods do you own? Three? Five? Seven?

Not as many as eight, I suppose. Yes, that’s how many rods this MTM rod case can carry. And without the reels attached, you can store as many as 10 rods in the case. So if you love adding new rods to your collection, you will love this case. Ditto, if you are going out fishing with friends who don’t have rod cases.

Also, it has four compartments for storing your other fishing accessories. So you are covered on almost every front. Since most of your gear will be intact in the same location, it will be much easier for you to be organized. So you will be less likely to lose your tackle, or forgetfully leave it behind when you go fishing.

This rod box is made from rugged polypropylene, a plastic material which many manufacturers favor due to its resistance to chemical damage and corrosion. It can also withstand physical stress such as freezing and physical impact without getting damaged. Polypropylene is perfect for a rod case due to its resilience.

Inside the box, the rods are protected by notched foam padding which securely holds them in place. Other benefits include its comfortable handle and the strong snapping latches.

Key Functions:​

  • The box’s dimensions are 36” length, 10.2” width, and 5.2” height
  • It can hold as many as eight fishing rods
  • It has four accessory compartments – enough space for your tackle and tip-ups
  • The box has notched foam padding on the inside which securely holds your rods in place
  • It comes with a large, easy to hold handle
  • It has strong, snapping latches
  • The box is made from polypropylene, a resilient plastic

2. Frabill Ice Heavy Duty Rod Case, 42-Inch (model no. 7020)

frabil ice rod case

An ice fishing rod case will take quite a beating during its lifetime. How many times does yours fall when you are out? Not to mention the cold it has to endure. And that’s the main reason you should consider buying the Frabill ice heavy duty rod case.

With its rugged industrial strength construction, this case is unbeatable. If you favor durability and strength when searching for the perfect rod case, you will love this one.

Most people who own it have praised its ability to protect their fishing rods. And not just because of the industrial strength construction. The two layers of high-density pluck foam ensure that your rods are secure from falls and shocks of any kind.

And if you want your rods to fit better, you can always remove one of the two layers of padding inside the case. The case can store as many as eight or ten combos. So if you are going on a fishing trip with friends, this heavy duty rod case will do perfectly.

For maximum protection, the Frabill 7020 ice rod case comes with a continuous Dri-Loc seal. It also has dual stage latches to protect your rods in harsh weather.

Key Functions:​

  • The case has rod dimensions of 42” aw
  • It can accommodate eight to ten combos
  • It has two layers of high-density pluck foam which provide maximum protection for the rods and enable customization
  • It has a rugged industrial strength construction
  • Its continuous Dri-Loc seal provides maximum protection
  • Its dual stage latches ensure your rods are well protected in the coldest weather

3. Otter Sportsman's Rod Case (model no. 200065)

The Otter Sportsman's rod case is perfect for you if you don’t want to go around lugging a heavy box. If you have a long distance to cover on foot, you certainly don’t want unnecessary strain on your hand. Two factors contribute to this lightness: its lightweight roto-molded polyethylene construction and its relatively small capacity.

This lightweight rod case can accommodate six combos, which provides the twin advantages of less weight and enough capacity.

It is constructed from roto-molded polyethylene. Polyethylene is a plastic material which can withstand cold temperatures better than polypropylene. It is also sturdier. So there are two advantages here: first, it provides maximum protection against the cold weather you are fishing in. And two, it is strong and durable.

On the inside, it is lined with foam. Add this to the heavy duty construction exterior, and you can guarantee reliable protection for your rods from impact stress, freezing weather, and other threats.

People who own this Rod Case have noted its roominess. It can accommodate your fishing tackle as well as your rods. For instance, it can secure about four fish catchers, and you can even store a small tackle box in the case.

Key Functions:​

  • It is a lightweight rod case
  • It can hold as many as six combos comfortably
  • It is made from thick and rugged roto-molded polyethylene
  • It is durable
  • It is lined with foam on the inside to provide maximum protection for your combos

4. Celsius Deluxe Ice Rod Case & Tackle Box (model no. CEL-DERC)

This is a great rod case and tackle box. For one, it has a hard lining on the inside to protect your combos. You don’t have to carry them around from place to place unprotected or put them in a bag or some place that might compromise their safety.

And as you can deduce from its name, this is no simple rod case. In addition to carrying your rods and reels, this box is also designed to accommodate your ice fishing tackle. So you can put everything in one place. I don’t think you will be losing any of your fishing stuff anytime soon.

Plus, you can store your combos from both ends of the rod case. So you have plenty of space to pack in several combos. If you own many rods, or if you are going fishing with friends who don’t have cases, you will love this rod case and tackle box.

On the same point of extra capacity, the attach-or-remove storage bag enables you to store more reels or tackle. It can hold combos which are up to 38 inches.

Key Functions:​

  • It has a protective hard inner liner which keeps your combos safe
  • It comes with an attach-or-remove storage bag for packing in extra reels or tackle
  • It can hold combos of up to 38 inches
  • You can store combos on both ends of the rod case

5. Frabill Ice Rod Safe Case, 36” x 10” x 3” (model no. 7010)

The Frabill 7010 ice rod safe case is excellent. Let’s begin with its exterior. Its manufacturers have called it “sturdy as a gun case” and they are right. You see, the case is extremely strong and hard, being made of blow-molded abs.

So if you are looking for a case that can withstand a beating, a durable product that won’t fail you, this is it.

And in addition to being sturdy as a gun case, this rod case is also “light as a backpack”. The lightweight design makes it easy to carry around. That’s a swell combination, right there: hard, but light. And that’s why this rod case is the one to beat if you were to rank the best ice fishing rod cases in the market.

Did I tell you it can hold as many as eight combos? Its lightness makes it perfect for travel, but the large capacity makes it a great storage case. It’s a good place to keep all your rods and tackle when you come back home from a fun day at the lake.

Finally, the interior foam padding will securely hold all your combos in place.

Key Functions:​

  • Its dimensions are 36” length, 10” width, and 3” height
  • It has an extremely strong, blow-molded, hard case
  • It has foam padding on the inside to hold your combos in place
  • It can accommodate up to eight combos

What To Look For Before Buying an Ice Fishing Rod Case

Some of us can’t wait for winter to arrive because that’s when we go ice fishing. But one tiresome thing is having to carry your rod and reel combos around. And that is why we buy ice fishing rod cases.

But if you are in the market for a rod case, what factors should you take into account before making a decision?

1. Capacity

Rod cases are for storing and transporting two crucial items; your rods and your reels. Now, ice fishing rods are not as long as regular rods. The average range is between 24 and 36 inches.

You see, ice fishing involves cutting a hole in the ice above the water body and letting down the line into the cold water below. The rod is short because ice fishing does not involve casting like regular fishing.

An excellent ice rod case can accommodate up to ten rod and reel combos. But I don’t imagine any of us goes fishing with ten rods. At most, you own about four or five rods. Most cases can handle between five and eight combos.

But if you like collecting rods and have amassed a sizeable number, you will want a larger case with more capacity. Ditto, if you often go fishing with friends who don’t have cases and you have to proffer yours.

2. Material

You should consider what material the case is made from. Ideally, you want something durable and sturdy. Most cases have plastic exteriors. It’s usually a choice between polyethylene and polypropylene.

Both of these plastics are strong and can withstand cold temperatures. But polyethylene is sturdier and can endure colder weather than polypropylene can.

You can usually tell if a material is strong just from touching and looking at it. So if this is your first time buying an ice fishing rod case, go to a real shop rather than order your case online. That way, you can visually inspect the cases available before making a purchase.

3. Inner padding

Most ice rod cases have an interior padding or lining. The padding holds the combos in place to prevent them from rattling inside the case.

It also protects them from shocks. If you need an ice rod case for storage while traveling, ensure the case has inner padding. You don’t want those rods banging into each other continuously as your car travels on uneven roads.

4. Weight

Some materials are rather heavy. And when this is coupled with the case’s large size, it can result in a miserable day out ice fishing as you lug the case around.

Unless you already know the particular product, it’s impossible to determine weight when buying online. For instance, the product description might include the term, “lightweight”. But once the case arrives, you discover that the opposite is more accurate. So if weight is a priority for you, opt for offline purchase.

5. Versatility

A versatile case will carry not just your rod and reel combos. It will also have space for your tackle. It makes your life easier as you can put everything you need in one place. Otherwise, you would have to carry an extra bag.

Final Verdict

Not only does buying an ice fishing rod case simplify your life, but it also brings in an element of professionalism.

Just think about it: having an ice rod case demonstrates how deeply you care about your fishing equipment. And caring is the first tenet of a pro.

The case will protect your rod and reel combos, and enhance your enjoyment.

Choose a fishing rod from our top five picks above and you’ll never look back!

  • Updated December 19, 2017
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