Best Manual Ice Crushers Of 2017: Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Manual Ice Crushers Of 2017: Reviews & Buying Guide

The best manual ice crusher is a must-have kitchen appliance. When hosting a party, you’ll need to provide your guests with cool refreshing beverages. And these machines will help you shave your ice cubes into smaller, more manageable chunks as your guest would prefer.

These machines are a perfect choice if you’re making a cocktail, holding street festivals, kids parties, and carnivores- to name but a few. Mixologists and bartenders would also heavily rely on them.

However, ice crushing wouldn’t be easy unless you’ve got the right ice crusher. In the following post, I’m about to introduce you to the 9 most popular ice crushers that have been rated A++ by users all over the globe due to their effectiveness at crushing ice on demand.

Let’s get into the details:

Best Manual Ice Crusher Picks:

1. Portable Hand Crank Ice Crusher by VICTORIO VKP1126 Review:

If you just want to buy a simple portable ice crusher machine that’s manually operated, the Portable Hand Crank Ice Crusher by VICTORIO VKP1126 would be a safe bet. Besides its simple design, this machine is highly affordable for all, even those on a tight budget. It comes with a pack of great features that helps it output an excellent performance as well as give you an easy time when using.

One of the most notable aspects of this machine is its compactness. At only 9.5 x 4.5 x 6 inches, you can enjoy shaving your ice cubes with this machine just anywhere.

Being a manually operated machine, you operate it by turning the integrated crank; the end of this crank is fully-padded to give you comfort when turning when running the machine. When it comes to rushing ice into your preferred texture and sizes, this machine does not disappoint.

It comes with a series f blades fabricated from stainless steel that easily crushes through the coarse and fine ice. These blades are durable enough to withstand the texture of any ice.

With a capacity as big as 4 cups, you need not worry about the storage for your crushed ice. The suction cup fitted at the base of this machine allows for a more stable operation of the machine, by enabling the machine to hold ground and stop any unnecessary movements. The unit comes with a whopping 5- year limited manufacturer warranty.

Highlighted Features:​

  • The perfect tool for your kitchen or wet bar
  • Stainless steel blades for crushing ice according to your preferred texture
  • Strong suction base holds the unit in place during use
  • Big capacity- holds up to 4 cups of ice
  • Five-year warranty

2. VonShef Manual Ice Crusher Machine Review:

Want to crush, grind and chop ice for your party? If yes, this machine will help you do the job with minimal effort. Designed by the popular VonShef, this Manual Ice Crusher Machine comes with such a straightforward design that it comes with no instructions on how to use. With its beautiful design, it adds elegance to your kitchen or home bar, plus it blends in well with all your kitchenware.

The ice crusher allows you to crush your ice into smaller, manageable chunks effortlessly- you only need to turn the handle and viola! Ice gets crushed. You can the grab your ice scoop and collect the already chopped ice, add it to your drinks and enjoy!

The well-padded operation handle makes you feel comfortable whenever you’re using the machine. Because it’s a manually operate machine, it saves you the hassle of batteries or electricity.

Besides, the machine gives you a faster, mess-free operation, making it more convenient for you.

The unit comes with non-slip feet which effectively minimizes all the movements when the machine is in use. When you place the machine on your counter, expect it to remain stable and give you a tidy, manageable workspace. Portability of this machine gets better with its compact- 10.6 x 6.3 x 6.3 inches- design!

Highlighted Features:​

  • Lets you crush, grind, and chop ice before using it in your drinks or cocktails
  • Manual rotary ice crusher
  • Comes with a collection try plus ice scoop for easily getting the crushed ice
  • Beautiful mirrored design adds elegance to your kitchen/home
  • Non-slip feet make it easy to use

3. Westmark Germany Manual Ice Crusher Review:

Westmark’s popularity has grown for over the last 50 years, given their quality craftsmanship for all their kitchen products.

Being a specialized and reliable partner, you expect nothing less from their manual ice crusher above. Apparently, this is one of the best ice crushers on the planet. This is mainly due to its excellent performance, ease of use, portability, and durability.

For the construction part, the machine features the high-quality heavy cast aluminum metal for the base and handles parts. This is the same material used to manufacturer other Westmark that have shown to stand the test of time.

This machine comes READY and EASY to use; it’s equipped with an ergonomic handle that makes it more efficient and comfortable to use.

Because it requires no installations, batteries or electricity, you just place your ice and use the mandibles to quickly and effortlessly crush it into smaller portions. Being a dishwasher safe kitchenware, cleaning the machine becomes an easy task.

The machine is ideal for mixed drinks, cocktails, and for rapidly cooling your summer drinks. The Westmark Company accompanies their ice crusher with a 5-year warranty, to show that they’re totally confident that you’ll enjoy using their product without any issues, or they’ll refund your money- with no questions asked!

Highlighted Features:​

  • High-quality kitchenware made in Germany
  • Constructed from the high-quality, heavy cast aluminum metal
  • Easy and ready to use machine
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Easy to clean
  • 5-year warranty

4. 1 X Ice Crusher by Westmark Review:

The 1 X Ice Crusher by Westmark is another incredibly portable ice crusher that comes with a simple, straightforward design that makes it easy for everyone to operate.

Made in Germany, the machine’s body is made from the extremely durable enameled aluminum metal so that it handles any ice crushing session efficiently, and for years to come.

At only 4.8-ounce, this is an ultra-lightweight ice crusher that will give you the convenience of crushing your ice cubes anywhere, anytime. The crushed is manually operated. And operating is not only 100% comfortable, but real fun.

You just place your ice cubes between the two mandibles and press the upper arm down to crush your ice. The fact that the two jaws perfectly closes together means you’ll enjoy a mess-free ice crushing session.

The operation handle comes with a smooth finish that offers you the ultimate comfort you require when operating the manual machine.

Cleaning this machine is as simple as ABC… you just put it in your dishwasher, and you’ll enjoy a hassle-free clean. The extremely compact size coupled with the lightweight design to make this unit a highly portable model.

Furthermore, it makes it easy to carry or store the unit. Fabricated from durable cast aluminum, this machine will serve you for a lifetime.

Highlighted Features:​

  • Sturdy enameled cast aluminum
  • Dishwasher safe

5. Cilio Deluxe Ice Crusher Review:

Cilio is another famous Germany brand, headquartered in the popular Solingen steel city, known for its high-quality products. Here, they offer you a more convenient way to crush your ice- the Cilio Deluxe Ice Crusher.

Perfect for indoor/outdoor use, this machine ensures you always have a supply of crushed ice whether you’re at home, on your boat, or on a picnic.

Operating this machine is much easier that you can imagine. It comes with a crank handle that you turn to set the ice crushing blades to the task. With the well-padded end, the crank handle ensures you feel comfortable when crushing your ice.

Besides, the steel crushing blades are constructed from the robust stainless steel to ensure a long-term use. The machine is manually operated, so you don’t need to buy any batteries or connect to any electric outlet to start using the machine. The machine bears a chromed metal housing that translates to its longevity.

With the protective, non-slip feet that stabilize the machine during operation, you’ll have a fun time crushing your ice cubes.

The crusher measures 5-inch x 6.5-inch x 10.5-inch tall, which renders it more portable- ensuring easy storage and carry. To clean this machine, you just need to wipe it with a damp cloth. An ice scoop is also included. Plus a user manual for easy operation.

Highlighted Features:​

  • Portable polished manual ice crusher
  • Features a removable drawer and ice scoop
  • Stainless steel blades for crushing ice cubes
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with protective non-slip feet
  • Portable and convenient for both indoors and outdoors
  • Measures 5"H x 6.5"L x 10.5"W
  • Clean with a damp cloth

6. Miles Kimball Portable Ice Crusher:

miles kimbal portable ice maker

The Miles Kimball Portable Ice Crusher is a quick, easy to use, on-the-go portable ice crusher that lets you enjoy crushed ice anywhere. It comes with a beautifully designed, see-through plastic container that holds the crushed ice and a crank handle that you effortlessly move to generate crushed ice.

The machine’s exact dimensions are 9 1/2" high with 4" square base, making an extremely portable machine that you’ll have an easy time carrying or storing anywhere. To crush ice, you simply turn the hand crank, and then use the plastic base for easy serving.

As you’d note whey you start using the machine, the handle comes with a full padding that makes you feel comfortable when turning it.

The seven stainless steel blades do an excellent job at crushing the ice; and the fact that they’re sturdy means they can handle coarse as well as fine grinding. With its non-skid rubber feet, the machine remains stable when in use.

The machine is dishwasher safe which means you’ll enjoying cleaning it with your dishware which is much easier and efficient. With its pocket-friendly price tag, you’ve no excuse as to why you shouldn’t be crushing your ice cubes into smaller portions.

Highlighted Features:​

  • 9 1/2" high with 4" square base
  • Non-skid rubber feet
  • Seven stainless steel blades
  • Dishwasher safe

7. Metrokane Manual Ice Crusher:

The Metrokane Manual Ice Crusher is the perfect machine for making margaritas for the adults and snow cones for your kids- right from the comfort of your kitchen or on any outdoor event.

Designed by Metrokane, who specialize in manufacturing top-rated kitchenware for years, this retro ice crusher will look terrific on your wet bar (where it generate perfectly crushed ice cubes for cocktails), or on your kitchen counter (where it produce ice beds for your vegetables and ice fish).

The uniqueness of this machine lies in its 1950s style designed by the Mexican engineer- Espartaco Ramirez Chacon. This means that the machine not only helps you crush ice but adds that elegance to your home or wet bar.

Operating this machine is quite easy; simply drop your ice cubes into its top, flip its lid closed, and move the crank handle in less than two minutes.

After that, you’ll get a quart of coarsely or finely crushed ice cubes that you can add to your drink or use to serve fresh seafood or any other food items.

The ice crusher features a heavy-duty, all-metal top plus a polished chrome finish, making it robust enough to handle the intended task. Besides, it comes with a white base and chrome handle that’s smoothened for comfortable operation. Unlike the electric models, this machine operates silently.

Highlighted Features:​

  • Renowned ‘50s design
  • Generates coarse or fine ice chips with a turn of the crank
  • Ideal for making refreshing drinks as well as ice beds for vegetables and shellfish
  • Heavy, chromed-metal crusher that fits on white plastic base
  • Lifetime warranty on all the moving parts

8. Metrokane Retro Ice Crusher:

Like our previous ice crusher above, the Metrokane Retro Ice Crusher is also a blast from the past- as it also features the original 1950s ice crusher style. The machine is perfect for frozen margaritas as well as daiquiris. What’s more, you can count on it to generate ice beds and use them to serve various food items (atop the ice beds).

The crusher features a heavy-duty, all-metal top, clear base, and polished-chrome finish. All these parts are incredibly durable which means the machine will be at your service for an extended period.

The sturdily constructed metal handle enables the machine to make both finely and coarsely crushed ice. Because the handle has a polished chrome finish, it feels smooth in your hands and thus, enhances comfort. The crusher is incredibly easy and fast to use- it will crush up to a quart of ice in less than two minutes.

The plastic base comes with a translucent color. To clean the machine, you simply wash all the parts with your hands. The best part is that this product comes with a lifetime warranty for all its moving parts.

9. Time for Treats Manual Snow Cone Maker by VICTORIO VKP1101 Review:

The Time for Treats Manual Snow Cone Maker is an extraordinary machine that makes creating of snow cone total fun! The highly portable machine is perfect for making snow cones, slushies, party drinks- and any other refreshment treat that uses chipped or squashed ice.

When it comes to flexibility, this machine can work with ice cubes of nay shape and size- an unusual feature in most of the manual ice crushers out there.

Another thing worth stating is that this machine gives you a remarkable performance. In other words, it can crush up to 440 pounds of ice within an hour. It comes with gathering dish that making the ice crushing session highly convenient.

What’s more, its crushing blades are adjustable; such that you can adjust ice shaves the way you wish them to look like.

This machine is fully portable, meaning you can operate it just anywhere. It comes with a brushed stainless steel finish that adds an elegant appearance to your kitchen.

Other important features include a long handle that makes operation easier, non-skid feet for keeping the unit in place during operation, and one year warranty.

Highlighted Features:​

  • Fully portable
  • Adjustable shaving blade
  • Stackable molds
  • Versatile operation
  • 1-year warranty

Things to Look For Before Buying a Manual Ice Crusher

As I’ve told you earlier, picking the best manual ice crusher can be an uphill task in an era filled with varieties and varieties of manual ice crushers.

However, if you equip yourself with certain factors and features to consider when buying a manual ice crusher, making your decision will be easier.

At this section, I’ll discuss with you all the features and factors you ought to consider before buying any ice crusher machine.


First of all, you need to pay attention to t material used to make the ice crusher you intend to buy.

These will point you to the machine’s durability. Most of the machines on the market have parts made from plastic and stainless steel. It does not make sense to buy a product that does not last for a few months from the purchase date. This can be quite disappointing.


Most of the ice shavers on the market right now have their blades either integrated into the system or removable. If you want to have an easy time cleaning your machine, I’d advise you to consider the models with detachable blades.

Keeping in mind that the more the blades, the more they result in the tear, wear, and leakages, you’d also want to go for blades with the perfect shapes for faster operation.


As you’ve noted from our best ice crushers review above, most of them come with a warranty ranging from 1-5 years. Some even come with a lifetime warranty!

Going for a product with manufacturer warranty is highly recommended. This ensures that whenever your unit breaks down, you don’t have to panic as there’s warranty to cover it.

Consider Brands Too

Just like any other appliance, ice crushers are manufactured by various brands. As the experienced users will tell you, buying your a from reliable and popular brands should always be your decision.

4 Awesome Manual Ice Crushing Tips

1. Always refer to your unit’s user manual on how to correctly operate the machine. The guide comes with instruction specific to your unit and failure to follow them might give you the undesired results.

2. Always use your manual ice crusher for the intended purpose ONLY will make it serve you for a longer period. Don’t make the mistake of using your ice crusher as a juicer/blender if you don’t want to damage it when it’s still new.

3. One final and most important tip- make a point of cleaning your ice crusher unit regularly. This is important to avoid contaminating the fresh ice cubes you’re working on as they might end up tasting or smelling weird.

Cleaning this unit is really simple given its small size. Some can even be washed in the dishwasher

Final Verdict

Buying the best ice crusher machine is the way to go if you want to have the convenience of crushing ice any time you need it. The machines have caused a stir in nearly every home as they allow folks to make quick cocktails for their kids, parties, friends, and so on.

Getting such a great product that works according to your needs and expectation can be a tough task. That’s why you would want to take the easiest route- buy one of the 9 best products I’ve reviewed for you in the above post.

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