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Ice in Lit: Operation Northern Shield (excerpt)

Lance Blomgren’s Operation Northern Shield (ONS) is a speculative research project investigating the possibility of new settlements in the Canadian arctic. Inspired by Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s well-publicized obsession with Canadian sovereignty in the far north—not to mention its wealth of resources and economic potential—ONS depicts the world where ice is both material and idea, building material […]

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Phenom: Candle ice

One thing I’ll be exploring on this blog is the amazing range of ice types and ice phenomena that exist, both naturally and in manufactured forms. This week I’ve been fascinated by seeing candle ice for the first time, though I’m pretty sure I heard plenty of it tinkling past on the Red River the […]

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Best Manual Ice Crushers Of 2017: Reviews & Buying Guide

The best manual ice crusher is a must-have kitchen appliance. When hosting a party, you’ll need to provide your guests with cool refreshing beverages. And these machines will help you shave your ice cubes into smaller, more manageable chunks as your guest would prefer.These machines are a perfect choice if you’re making a cocktail, holding […]

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Best Ice Bucket Of 2017: Reviews and Buying Guide

Looking for the best ice bucket?Great!As you know ice buckets are more than just containers; they’re must-have items for house parties, dinner parties, etc. They help keep your ice chilled for longer hours, ensuring that your friends and guests have their drinks as cold as they desire.What’s more, they come with an eye-catching design that […]

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How To Clean A Portable Ice Maker?

If you’ve already purchased a great portable ice maker for your home, you’ll never have to worry about running out of ice when you desperately need it. This appliance produces large amounts of ice in short periods. They’re easy to use and require no installation at all. Considering that this unit is always under use- […]

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How to Install A Portable Ice Maker Properly?

Just the other day I was doing some research on the best portable ice makers on the market today, and I came across this particular question by a buyer: “How to Install A Portable Ice Maker?” As you’d expect, different people gave out different opinions on how to fix this appliance. And from the look […]

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