How To Clean A Portable Ice Maker?

How To Clean A Portable Ice Maker?

If you’ve already purchased a great portable ice maker for your home, you’ll never have to worry about running out of ice when you desperately need it. This appliance produces large amounts of ice in short periods. They’re easy to use and require no installation at all.

Considering that this unit is always under use- particularly in the hot months of summer-it’s imperative that you give it regular cleaning and maintenance. This not only keeps it at its peak performance, but it also helps extend its lifespan and supply you with quality, fresh ice whenever you need it.

If you’ve been giving your icemaker less attention, it’s time you start cleaning it thoroughly using the following tips. Otherwise, it might start giving you problems when you need to make ice.

Top Tips on How To Clean Your Portable Ice Maker:

Always Empty and Unplug Your Unit before You start Cleaning It!

The first thing you should always do whenever you plan to clean your ice maker is powering it down by pressing the off button and unplugging it from the power source. Additionally, empty it completely. Check to see if there’s any water or ice remaining in the reservoir. Some units come with a drain tap at the bottom which you can use to empty the reservoir contents.

If your unit lacks the bottom drain, you can as well hold it upside down for around 2 minutes to empty it thoroughly.

An unplugged and emptied portable icemaker is safer and much easier to clean.

Remove The Ice Tray For Easy Cleaning

Something else that allows you to easily clean your machine involves removing the ice tray as well as ice scooper. Most of these trays are made from plastic and are removable, so you can easily lift them and put them to the side.

You can grab this opportunity to thoroughly clean the ice tray, as well as the scoop, just as you’d clean typical dishes. Use the sponge, some mild detergent, and water. However, if you prefer to use hot water, ensure you use lukewarm water as boiling water might end up melting the plastic items.

After cleaning these items, lay them off to dry out and look into the next step…

Thoroughly Clean The Interior of Your Unit

To clean the interior of your portable ice maker, you can use the regular dish cleaning detergents and wipes. Brush each and every corner of the unit with a scrubber. Remember to use a soft clothing or scrubber, since the interior of your icemaker is delicate and any rough material might cause damage to it.

Afterward rinse thoroughly to ensure you remove all the detergent traces.

Sometimes, there might be buildups inside your unit which might not be easy to detect with your eyes.

So, I’d advise you to prepare a vinegar solution and pour it into your icemaker. Repeat the above process for cleaning your interior with the vinegar solution. After that, pour some lemon water into the device and wash it thoroughly. Te lemony fragrance coming out of your unit at this time will confirm that your interior is super clean!

Run A Cleaning Cycle

You don’t want to skip this step as it will give your machine a more thorough cleaning. Fill the reservoir with clean water and run a cycle. When the machine finishes producing the first batch of ice cubes, remove them and throw them out.

Repeat the above step one more time to give your device a final, thorough cleaning. Fill the reservoir with water and run the cycle. When the machine produces the first batch of ice cubes, remove them and throw them out as well.

Note: The generated ice cubes should be pure white; with no specks or any strange odor- this is a confirmation that your machine is 100% clean and ready for use.

Don’t Neglect The External Parts

You don’t want to clean all the internal parts of your device and leave out the external parts.

So, grab a piece of soft cloth and use it to gently rub the exterior of your icemaker unit.

Afterward, rinse it with some cold water or wipe it using a wet cloth piece.

Picking The Correct Cleaning Tools For Your Machine

All the portable icemaker tips we have outlined above cam only be successful if you use the right cleaning tools and solutions. A quick look at your user manual might shed some light on what to use and what not to use when cleaning your machine.

One More Tip:

When all the parts of the machine have dried out properly (experts recommend that you allow your machine to dry out before reusing it; for the best results leave it to dry for an hour), rebuild all the parts by simply putting the ice tray and the scoop into the device.

And your machine is ready for ice production again!

Final Verdict

These are the only tips you need to make your portable ice maker clean at all times. These tips touch on all parts of your unit, and this means that no parts will remain unclean. From the ice tray to the interior, and the exterior parts. Running the regular cycle will ensure that the machine is clean and ready to produce quality ice.

And remember to always use the right cleaning tools for your unit if you want it to make fresh, quality ice for you for longer.

Besides, make it a habit of cleaning your icemaker unit to ensure it produces smoothly and for an extended period of time.

  • January 30, 2017
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