Why You Should Consider Buying A Portable Ice Maker Machine

Why You Should Consider Buying A Portable Ice Maker Machine

Ice makers are useful appliances to all homes. They help you make the always-in-demand ice quickly and efficiently, whenever you need it. Apart from using ice to make cold drinks, there are more benefits into this product- including proven health benefits.

For years, many homes have been relying on the icemaker that comes attached to their fridge, while others place ice trays in the freezer to get ice.

However, all the above sources aren’t always reliable when it comes to producing significant amounts of ice within a short time.

Therefore, I advise you to consider buying the ice maker and start making ice the modern way!

Reasons why you should consider investing in ice maker machine

1. They Make Ice Faster (and saves you a lot of time)

This is probably one of the main reasons why every homeowner is on their toes looking for the best portable ice makers.

The average ice maker gives you ice within the first ten minutes of running it. This is great news for folks who have been relying on their freezers to provide them with ice for their upcoming big parties.

These machines employ a simple compressor cooling system to give you up to 26lbs a day, which is just sufficient ice for your guest and friends.

2. They produce and store more ice than you can imagine!

Portable ice makers not only produce ice faster, but they do also produce massive amounts in a short period.

Imagine making up to 26lbs of ice in under 24 hours? Or making the first batch of ice cubes within the first 6 minutes running of pouring water in your ice maker appliance? This is exactly what these machines can do!

As if that’s not enough, they come with large capacity storage bins that store the ice produced. This means that these devices will help hold your ice if you don’t plan to use all of it at one time. Moreover, these ice bins come fully insulated to enable them to hold the ice for longer hours without getting melted.

One more thing- the ice bins are removable to allow you to easily transfer the ready ice to your freezer to create room for production of ice.

3. They consume less space (they’re highly portable)

There’s a reason why these machines are referred to as portable ice machines. And that’s because they can fit just anywhere you fit them. Whether it’s on the countertop of your kitchen or restaurant, bar, in your RV, boat- everywhere!

They’ll occupy less space in your kitchen, so you don’t need to worry about space if you’ve got a smaller kitchen. As long as you’ve got a standard electric outlet nearby, the machine will start pumping out ice for you!

What if you’re using it in your car/boat? Space isn’t an issue here as well. You’ll just need a dc adapter to power on your appliance, and it starts making ice as you’d expect it to.

4. Portable ice makers are cost-effective!

You might be reading through these pleasing benefits of the portable ice maker and probably thinking:

“This appliance might be too expensive to buy and maintain.”

If that’s you, you’re getting it wrong:

The machines are cost effective- right from buying, installing, energy consumption, and maintaining them.

The modern designs come with an energy saving feature, where they automatically shut down when the ice bin gets full, saving you a lot of energy. Besides, they connect to a standard electric outlet and utilize 230 watts and 115V only.

They also don’t require any permanent installation. They come fully assembled, and you only need to plug them in, add water to the reservoir, and you’re in for ice production!

Maintaining these machines is as easy as giving them a thorough cleaning every other week to keep them at their peak performances.

5. These appliances are incredibly easy to use

The countertop ice makers are also credibly easy to use- to the extent that kids and elderly can run them without any issues.

To make ice with your machine, you just need to pour in water, turn on the system, and give it a few minutes to supply you with beautifully frozen ice cubes.

Best yet, if any ice remains in the unit, it’s melted into the water which gets back to the reservoir for reuse the next time you want to make ice.

The easy to use LCD control panel, as well as the easy push control buttons, makes the overall unit operation a smooth task.

6. Ability to make a variety of ice

Though they’re simple machines, the portable ice makers don’t sacrifice variety.

You might find out that most of these units generate bullet shaped ice, but they’re also capable of making crystal-clear restaurant-quality ice.

Additionally, most of the units allow you to pick the size of cubes you wish to generate- from the small, medium, and large options.

7. They’re durable units

The best portable ice maker is here to stay; it’s a buy once use forever kind of product.

It comes with a durable stainless steel body that makes it sturdier enough to handle its intended task for many years to come.

8. Great-Looking Designs

Finally, portable ice makers are more than ice production units.

They come with attention-grabbing designs; most of them come with stainless steel finishes (slick silver colors) that will perfectly blend well with all the other appliances in your kitchen.

They also blend in well with any other setting you use them in, whether it’s your bar, restaurant or sitting room.

Wrap Up

The portable ice maker units are changing the way families across the world make ice for different uses. Many benefits come with investing one. These include faster and massive amounts of ice production, space-efficiency, affordability and minimal running costs, ease of use, durability, ability to make a variety of ice, durability, and great-looking designs.

If you haven’t bought your portable ice maker already, you’re missing a lot!

  • January 28, 2017
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