Is Iced Tea Healthy? What's The Real Truth?

Is Iced Tea Healthy? What’s The Real Truth?

Everyone is now switching out their favorite sodas, juices, and many other sugar-loaded beverages in the favor of iced tea.

Infused with water, this tea is sure to give you that refreshing taste and feeling and keeping you dehydrated on those hotter days.

But are there any benefits associated with drinking the iced tea? Is it good for your health? Or bad for you?

Join me in this article as I uncover the best and worst of your beloved drink- the iced tea!

We’ll start with the proven health benefits of iced tea:

Top Health Benefits of Iced Tea

1. Comes Loaded With Antioxidants

One of the major benefits of taking iced tea- it comes packed with loads of antioxidants.

Antioxidants! They help fight against things that pose a threat to your overall body healthy, including cancer.

What’s more, they’ve been shown to slow down aging in humans and will make great improvements to your skin.

Wouldn’t you want to look and feel younger all the time?

2. Cancer Fighting Properties

Cancer, the monster, has instilled fear in all of us. We have seen what our loved ones or closest friends go through when under cancer attack.

Good news is that taking natural iced tea can help prevent cancer.

But how?

Well, the drink comes packed with flavonoids that actively target the potentially harmful radicals within your body, destroying them before they can make any damages.

The most interesting part about flavonoids is that they not only target the free radicals responsible for cancer, but they completely destroy them.

Note: if you want to enjoy this particular benefit, avoid taking sweetened iced tea, as the sweeteners tend to affect the activity of the flavonoids.

3. Stabilizes Your Blood-glucose Levels

Another top benefits of iced tea is how it helps maintains the levels of your blood glucose.

This is good news especially for the diabetics!

As you know stable blood glucose levels are necessary for maintaining healthy body sugar levels in addition to keeping your appetite on check.

Let me give you a clear explanation how your beloved drink stabilizes your blood sugar levels:

Your body produce alpha-glycosidase, an enzyme tasked with regulating the how small your intestine absorbs sugars. This absorption rate is responsible for the fluctuations in the glucose levels.

When the fluctuations occur, they cause your energy to drop in the mid-morning, if you’ve taken a sugar loaded breakfast.

When you take iced tea, it will help keep the fluctuations to a minimum.

4. A Low-Calorie Drink; Perfect for Weight Loss

The low-calorie properties of iced tea are probably the main reason it’s so popular among folks. Many teas come labeled as 0 calories since the FDA standards state that any drink with less than 5 calories can be considered as having none.

Even if the tea you’re taking contains a few calories, this won’t compare the over 140 calories in coke can.

This means that if you combine your iced tea with exercises and the right diet, it will go a long way in helping you lose weight. As an added benefit, taking a full glass of iced tea will make you full, keeping your appetite under control (good for weight loss).

5. Source of Caffeine- The Biggest Consideration

Both green and black teas contain caffeine that helps boost your mental alertness as well as concentration.

Taking caffeine in small amounts is beneficial to your body. Medical experts even recommend it to people who undergo temporary blood pressure drops, after moving quickly or after taking a meal.

However, it’s also good to note that taking too much caffeine isn’t good for your health.

Iced teas do not contain high levels of caffeine compared to sodas. But taking them throughout the day isn’t recommended as it will equate to higher amounts of caffeine intake.

The side effects include feeling dehydrated- which will cancel out your efforts to hydrate your body with tea. Based on this fact, completely replacing your water intake with ice is again not recommended, save for decaffeinated, unsweetened tea.

Other benefits include:

  • A study conducted by scientist established that folks who took tea were more capable of de-stressing faster than those who didn’t.
  • The study shows that people who drank black tea about 4 times every for 6 weeks had lower cortsiol (stress hormone) levels in their blood following a stressful encounter- compared to the control group that drank placebo.
  • Taking iced tea may also help your teeth by changing the ph in your mouth, which keeps of cavities. And at the very least, it does not cause damages to your teeth enamel as other drinks do.

When Iced Tea Is Bad For You

So, after reading the benefits of iced to your health above you’re happy you switched to this drink? Don’t celebrate yet.

If you still add loads of sugar to your iced tea, you are polarizing the drink’s health properties and benefits to your body. In other benefits, you’re not getting any of the above benefits from it.

As you know, sugar is notorious for causing obesity as well as diabetes, which explains why healthy expert advise you to cut back or completely eliminate it from your diet.

Should I take unsweetened iced tea to enjoy its health benefits?

Are you asking yourself this already? Good, you bet it. It’s the best way to harness all the benefits of this refreshing drink.

But many people will never put up with the taste of unsweetened tea no matter how hard they try. If you must sweeten your drink before taking it, consider using natural sweeteners.

By using the natural sweeteners- like honey- you’ll be doing your body a huge favor by acquiring the health benefits of natural sweeteners as well as that of your iced tea.

Final Verdict

Iced tea, when taken the right and in the right amounts, provided your body with a great deal of health benefits not found in other beverages. Taking 100% natural, unsweetened iced tea is highly recommended. And if you must sweeten, be sure to use natural sweeteners.

  • January 25, 2017
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