How Does an Ice Cream Maker Work?

How Does an Ice Cream Maker Work?

Ice cream remains one of the perennial favorites for many folks in the desserts industry. Although there are hundreds of flavors and types and sold commercially, none can beat the ice cream made at home.

At home, you use the ingredients you of your preference to give you the tastiest and the freshest of the ice creams. And this is made possible by the electric ice maker machine.

So, how does this machine work to provide you with ice cream from the simple ingredients you input into it?

This is exactly what I’m going to show you below- how an ice cream maker works…

How An Ice Cream Maker Generates Ice Cream

Before we get any deeper, note this:

Though there exist different types of ice maker machines, namely countertop, freezer, and built-in freezer unit, the ice making concept remains standard across all of them.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at how your ice cream maker creates ice cream…

1. Get an ice cream mix

Firstly, you’ll need to obtain some ice cream mix.

“Where on earth do I get this?”

If it’s your first time making ice, you might be wondering this right now.

You have two options when it comes to getting ice cream mix:

You can obtain commercially made ice cream mix that has been set to a given milk fat content.

The ice cream factories usually manufacture this by combining cream, milk, and sugar in a 3000-gallon vat- where all the proportions and mixings are machine controlled. The mix is then pasteurized or heated so as to destroy all the harmful bacteria present.

The next option involves making your own ice mix, right from your kitchen. To pasteurize your mix, simply cook it in a double boiler.

Alternatively, you can use egg as a substitute or pasteurize egg products. If you skip this step, people who take your ice might be at a higher risk of getting contaminated with the salmonella.

2. Add flavor to your ice cream mix

The second step in the ice cream mix production involves adding a flavor to your mix. Given that there are loads of ice cream varieties using any combination of flavors can work. You can choose from chocolate to strawberry, triple chocolate fudge, vanilla, cinnamon- any flavor easily blends into your ice cream mix.

You’ll only need a large bowl and the food mixer/wooden spoon for this job. You should consider adding solid chunks, like pieces of fruits, marshmallows, chocolate chunks, candy, etc., later.

3. The working of the ice cream machine

This is the step where the ice maker unit comes into play. The primary job of the machine is to freeze and whip the ice mix.

Most of the ice cream machines come with an electric cooling system similar to that found in commercial ice cream makers.

The ice freezing and whipping process through the unit take around 20 minutes after which your ice cream will be ready for use.

Final Verdict

That’s how an ice cream maker. First, you’ll have to prepare an ice cream mix and add your preferred flavor to it. Then you can proceed to feed it to your machine where it’s frozen and whipped using an electric cooling system to give you real ice cream in under 20 minutes.

Note that you ought to allow the ice cream produced to rest for some time before you start serving it.


  • Updated March 8, 2018
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