Ice = Rebirth

Ice = Rebirth

After a two-year pause, keeping The Ice Cubicle archived, so all these images & interviews were not lost, there are still moments now & again when I see something that needs to be added to this collection. This blog was originally a year-long project, but took a bit longer, running from may ’09 to Aug ’10. for many writers, painters, photographers, instead of ice being a killing force, ice = rebirth, time for creative focus.

2012’s winter crashes into our Dawson city ecosphere with a speed that surprises. And mystifies. Charms with beauty. Drops the trees into their annual slow sleep before they’ve shed all their leaves.

Locals say it could be the earliest freeze-up in years. the ferry between Dawson City and West Dawson was taken out yesterday and usually, doesn’t need to come out until early November.

..and here, the shoreline at the confluence, last night’s sunset.

And here, oh you tricky ice: now you revive instead of kill. “But you must have fainted, creative heart!” says the cerebral self as the shiver runs down vena cava’s curve and wakes it up. Ice cakes on the water add multiple lenses for light to pattern between our minds & our speaking intricate things. Poetic things. Struggling things.

Sunlit things. Some that surface, some that swim. Ones that pass from shape to shape to smell to texture to shape to touch to smell to stroke to slush on the river to ice that sings. Talking about green one week & hearing snow the week next. Listening to ice. Shadowy things. Hissing things? Yes, shirr of crystalline forms that shrug against mud and stone.

  • January 3, 2017
  • Ice
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