Does Iced Tea Dehydrate Or Hydrate You?

Does Iced Tea Dehydrate Or Hydrate You?

Water is an essential for your body to function correctly. The fluid helps flush toxins out of your body, transports vital nutrients to your body cells, and even helps you body maintain the right temperatures.

Despite being recommended to drink around 8 glasses of water a day, not everyone likes the taste of plain water. People have therefore resulted to other drinks, the iced tea being the most popular choice today.

And this brings us to our main question- does taking iced tea dehydrate your body?

I know you’ve gotten varied opinion- probably from the web or your friends- on the hydration effects of iced tea on your body.

Some agree that iced tea can severely dehydrate you; other say it doesn’t.

Who’s right? Let me clear the air once and for all…

Iced Tea As a Hydrating Drink

What’s the primary purpose of taking iced tea? Let’s say you’re enjoying your summer days. It gets too hot; you throat feels too dry and thirst comes calling. You grab your iced tea maker unit and brew some coffee.


Because you simply want to hydrate your body which your body desperately needs when the temperatures are on the rise.

After taking that glass of iced tea, you’ll feel refreshed and hydrated.

It’s therefore safe to say that drinking tea hydrates your body

Iced Tea As a Dehydrating Drink

But the same hydrating drink can turn to be your body dehydrating agent as I’ll explain to you shortly…

Among the many components that come with tea, we have caffeine. Its composition in the iced tea you drink is about one –third.

Let’s label this component as a necessary evil:

Necessary because:

As you know caffeine is a great ingredient that helps improve your mental focus and even enhance your alertness. Even the health experts advise people who suffer from temporary blood pressure drops- probably after taking a meal or moving fast- to take tea with caffeine.

Evil because:

Caffeine is a proven diuretic (and a highly effective one for that matter). This means that it stimulates frequent urination, one of the many ways of taking water out of your body.

“If you tea contains only one-third of caffeine, then how the hell does that cause dehydration?”

Can you guess?

Well, you guessed it right. Taking more glasses of iced tea will increase the amount of caffeine you take in a day. When the level becomes too high, caffeine unleashes its diuretic properties and it will really dehydrate you!

But I Can’t Resist the Urge to Drink More Iced Tea Glasses

If that’s you, this is your part. I’d advise you to resort to decaffeinated tea. This way, you’ll keep your caffeine intake low (and minimize dehydrations effects) while keeping your hydration high (by taking more fluids).

And oh! The decaffeinated iced tea has the same benefits as the caffeinated type, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

Wrap Up

Does iced tea dehydrate or hydrate your body? I believe now you have the correct answer to this question. Drinking iced tea hydrates your body. But taking large quantities of the same dehydrates your body, unless you use decaffeinated tea in your drinks.


  • Updated March 9, 2018
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