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Ice = Rebirth

After a two-year pause, keeping The Ice Cubicle archived, so all these images & interviews were not lost, there are still moments now & again when I see something that needs to be added to this collection. This blog was originally a year-long project, but took a bit longer, running from may ’09 to Aug […]

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Ice Road to Tuk – 2012 Accolades

A few sparkly and exciting ice events have happened between now and the last time this blog had a regular heartbeat. Here’s one I wanted to share. In the last post I had written in 2010, into blue noon: over a frozen road, I had just finished editing a short video, using footage from a […]

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Into blue noon: over a frozen road

This is my last Ice Cubicle blog post, a wrap to an intriguing project that has left me with a long list of ice-related ideas to explore. There are so many things I didn’t get to writing about – more on glaciers and ice-shelves disappearing due to climate change; the timeline of Ice House Detroit, […]

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A Playable Record Made Of Ice – Truley Amazing

News of this enticing object came my way in the form of an FB post from a friend. Clicking on link after link and blog after blog that tracks this innovation, I’ve discovered music-lovers and designers are offering equal amounts of enthused interweb attention to this playable record made of ice. (The image above, for […]

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